5 Most Preferred Areas For New Businesses In Dubai

business setup in dubai

New Business Setup in Dubai

People these days are shifting to business and entrepreneurship as career options due to the never-ending ocean of opportunities in the field. Everyone has one new business setup in Dubai idea that they would do if they have the opportunities to. Some people fulfill this dream that they have while some others can’t due to some reason or the other.

Every person has some entrepreneurship skills in them. Many people don’t want to work under someone else and therefore choose entrepreneurship. This is one of the highest stated reasons for choosing this line.

To be successful in this field, you need to work towards putting bits and pieces of the free zone company registration Dubai together in the right way. This includes selecting what you want to do and then where and how you want to establish your company.

Where to Setup Your New Business?

The location of Business plays one of the most important roles in determining if your business will be successful or not. UAE is one of the most business-friendly countries according to various surveys. It is surrounded by Europe, Asia, and Africa.This helps in increasing the audience and helps to increase the brand’s name in the market.

Where in that Specific Country?

UAE has many resources but choosing the right place with the right resources is a difficult task to do. Dubai is the most famous and amazing of them all. It is the most preferred tourist spot. Dubai also has the five most suitable areas for entrepreneurs to start a company formation in Dubai mainland and many business licenses have been issued here.

Top 5 Areas in Dubai for New Business Setup in Dubai

These 5 locations of Dubai have a lot of new trade license in Dubai

  • AI Garhoud
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Deira (Old Dubai)
  • World Trade Centre
  • Dubai international financial center

1. AI Garhoud

It has many residential and commercial areas around it. It is near the Dubai airport and city center Deira. The business licenses distributed here are mainly in the professional and commercial sectors. A majority of permits issued in Dubai are in AI Garhoud making it a prominent location for setting up your dream mainland company formaion in Dubai.

2. Burj Khalifa

Dubai is known for Burj khalifa. It is the tallest building in UAE. The place attracts a lot of tourists every day. The commercial sector is dominant in Dubai. Many licenses have been issued here.

3. Deira (Old Dubai)

It is one of the oldest places in Dubai where the business has been practiced for a long time. Baniyas Creek Deira is the place of its establishment. This was the oldest hub for business in the 60s and 70s It is the business community of registered businesses in Dubai. Meetings and seminars take place to educate people about various business strategies.

4. Dubai World Trade Center

It is one of the oldest business event destinations in Dubai and was established back in 1979. It also held the title of the tallest building in Dubai until many skyscrapers were built. It hosts many events related to business and anyone can become a member of DWTC to host their own event.

5. Dubai International Financial Center

It is a prime financial hub in Dubai. It is also regarded as one of the top global financial centers. Top banks like Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Standard Chartered, and many others are located in the same region and close by.

These places are the stakeholders of Dubai’s economy and have a crucial part in UAE’s economy as well. They are the supporting pillars of the economy and are one of the best options amongst the places to setup a new business at.

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