UAE Residency Visa

UAE Residency Visa

Who doesn’t dream of residing in UAE? Well all these dreams are valid considering the ocean of opportunities that are available in the country. Now is the time to stop dreaming and to make it happen. Start with keeping your first step forward towards getting a Residency visa in UAE. We have all the information that you need to apply for your residency visa.

UAE residency visa allows foreigners to live and work in UAE for a long period of time. It is valid from 2-10 years and can be renewed multiple times.

Many benefits are associated with a UAE residence visa. You can avail the following benefits-

  • Open a bank account
  • Get a bank loan
  • Visa free access to many countries
  • Govt and private schooling for children
  • Driver’s license
  • Govt health services and insurance.

The difference between the UAE Entry Permit and Residence Visa

Entry permit allows a person to enter UAE and is usually valid upto 3 months. It is dependant on the purpose of visit.

The entry permit needs to be obtained by the sponsor for you before you enter the UAE. After entering the country, a residence visa’s application can be filled.

Residence Visa allows the person to reside in UAE for the period of time till the Visa is valid. A sponsor applies for you visa.

Eligibility criteria for getting a UAE Residence Visa

To get a UAE Residence Visa, falling under one of the categories is important-

  • Working in the UAE
  • Studying in a UAE educational institutional
  • Dependent of a UAE citizen or foreign resident.
  • Investor in the UAE
  • Property owner in the UAE
  • Plan to retire in the UAE

Sponsor to apply for your UAE Residence Visa?

To apply for a residence visa, a sponsor is required. One can become his/ her own sponsor in some cases.

  • Incase of a work visa, the sponsor is your employer
  • Incase of a Student Visa, the sponsor is your school
  • Incase of a Family Visa, the sponsor is your family member
  • Incase you are an investor, the sponsor will be your company or property and you can apply yourself.

Types of UAE Residence Visas

There are various types of Residence Visa in UAE. They are divided depending on the purpose of travel.

  • Work Visa- For foreigners who have found employment in UAE along with a work permit
  • Student Visa- For foreigners who have been accepted in an educational institution in UAE
  • Family Visa- Issued to close family members of UAE citizens or foreign residents.
  • Investment Visa- For foreigners who have made investments in UAE. It is a long term visa.
  • Retirement Visa- For foreigners who want to retire in UAE.

Requirements for a UAE Residence Visa?

Many supporting documents are required when applying for residency visa in UAE:

  • The UAE Visa Application Form
  • Your Passport
  • Two passport-size pictures,
  • Entry visa
  • Proof of sponsor’s UAE citizenship
  • Proof of passing a medical fitness test
  • Proof of UAE health insurance plan
  • Proof of family ties if it is a family visa
  • Work contract, company’s trade license and firm card incase of work visa.

How to apply for a UAE Residence Visa?

Firstly an Entry Permit is required by a sponsor from one of the following-

  • The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  • GDRFA Dubai mobile apps

Applying for residence visa is necessary once you are in the country. This is done at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of the emirate where you reside. Visa fee is also paid depending on the validity of the visa.

After approval of application, Residence visa is affixed on passport. An emirates ID is provided that is valid till the same time as Visa

Where to open your business?

If you require an investment visa, a company needs to be opened under your name in one of the registration authorities in UAE. There are about 40 of these.

Cost of UAE Residency Visa

The cost of UAE resident visa differs according to the business registration. Trading, service activities in RAKEZ freezone can cost about AED 30,600 and the same services in Ajman Media City and Umm Al Quwain FTZ freezones can cost AED 24,640 and AED 26,883 respectively. The cost of residency visa in Dubai is higher due to higher cost of living.

The fees also changes depending on the duration of the visa validity.

Maintaining the Visa

In case of permanent UAE residency, no issues are faced with the validity of the visa. For frequent travellers, it is important to visit UAE once in every 6 months. This is important to maintain the Visa. Thee visa gets cancelled in case of failure to do so.

Renewal of Visa

The medical check and Emirates ID needs to be renewed if you need to renew the visa. The renewal process is easier than the process to obtain a new visa. The medical test is done at the medical screening center a week or two before the expiration date. After the tests are done, application is submitted for Emirates ID renewal.

After this the visa is renewed again. The visa needs to renewed by tee sponsor 30 days prior to the date when it is supposed to expire. It can be renewed after it expires as well if it is in visa expiry grace period.

Foreigners are provided a grace period of 30 days for renewal of the visa post it’s expiry. Incase you fail to do so, a fine needs to be paid for everyday that you have overstayed and the country has to be left. The

The fees for overstaying your UAE Residence Visa is AED 25 per day for the first 6 months. This is increased to AED 50 per day for the next 6 months and AED 100 per day for every day after 1 year has passed.

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