22 August, 2023

Start Your Business Setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone

business setup in dubai airport free zone

Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) is a prominent free zone in the Middle East. It provides top-notch business facilities and investment options for all those who are setting up shop here. Companies from a range of sectors can be found here. It provides investors with top-notch infrastructure, cutting-edge facilities, and a variety of business support services to facilitate the running of their businesses.

This blog on business setup in the Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) will go through the step-by-step process to follow, the various types of licenses that are available, and the advantages of doing business here. We will provide you with all the knowledge you need to launch a prosperous business in DAFZA, whether you are a startup, SME, or multinational company.

What is DAFZA?

The Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) is a free economic zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was created with the intention of attracting foreign investment  and fostering regional economic development. DAFZA’s unique location close to Dubai International Airport makes it simple to access foreign markets.

Why should you set up a business in DAFZA?

There are a number of benefits to establishing a business in DAFZA:

  1.  Businesses may easily reach global markets due to DAFZA’s proximity to the Dubai International Airport and significant seaports.
  2.  Both personal income taxes and customs fee are not applicable to businesses operating in DAFZA and outside of UAE.
  3.  DAFZA offers cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities, such as high-speed internet,  telecommunications systems, and contemporary office spaces.
  4.  It is renowned for its quick and easy registration and setup processes for businesses.
  5.  The workforce there is diverse and highly skilled, and companies who operate in DAFZA can easily access this talent pool.
  6.  It provides a dynamic business environment that may support entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their enterprises.

What are the services provided by DAFZA?

In order to help businesses in expanding, DAFZA offers a wide range of services, such as licensing, visa processing, office and warehouse leasing, and access to a vast business network. In order to give investors more assistance and resources, the free zone has also formed strategic alliances with top businesses and trade groups.

What are the steps to set up a business in DAFZA?

You need to follow the below mentioned steps to setup a business

  • Choose a business activity:  Decide the business activity (or activities) you’ll be conducting in DAFZA. The endeavours must be appropriate for the kind of company organisation you have selected.
  • Choose a name for your company: Your company will be identified by its name. Because of this, you should pick your company name carefully.
  • Apply for a business licence: After deciding on the form of business entity and your intended line of work, you may submit an application for a business licence with DAFZA.
  • Submit the necessary documents: Submit all the necessary documents and wait for approval on the same. This is critical to company formation. It is advisable to contact your Corporate Service Provider (link for cost calculator)to help you with the paperwork and documentation.
  • Rent an office : After receiving your company licence, you can select from a variety of office spaces, warehouses,etc.
  • Apply for visas: If you intend to hire workers for your company, you must do so for both the workers’ and their dependents’ sake. RadiantBiz provides visa assistance to help with this procedure.
  • Open a corporate bank account: Open a corporate bank account and get your funds streamlined.
  • Launch your company: When you have finished all the requirements, you may start your company in DAFZA.

How many days does it take to get your DAFZA license?

With the right team by your side, it takes around 4-5 business days to obtain your DAFZA license once your documents are approved.

What is the cost of setting up a business in DAFZA?

DAFZA company setup cost  depends on a number of factors.Due to this, it is difficult to provide an exact cost of setting up your business in DAFZA. This is when you can use the RadiantBiz cost calculator. Enter your details and get the cost of your business setup calculated. This will help you get an estimate and set your budget accordingly.

How can RadiantBiz help in setting up your business in DAFZA?

When setting up a company in DAFZA, you need to follow a number of steps. While the process is easy, the paperwork can become a hassle for the new businesses.  The laws and the procedure may be confusing for an expat. It is therefore advisable to take help from experienced company setup consultants in Dubai such as RadiantBiz. We have 12+ years of experience and our experts have helped many setup their dream business. Contact us to get a personalised strategy for your business.