30 May, 2024

Company Formation in Dubai : Process, Cost Involved – 2024

company formation in dubai

What is Company Formation in Dubai?

Company formation in Dubai is the process of forming up a new business entity in the city. It involves registering your company with the appropriate authorities, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and fulfilling legal requirements to establish your business legally. This process allows entrepreneurs and investors to start and operate businesses in Dubai, whether it’s a small enterprise or a large corporation. Company formation in Dubai typically includes steps such as choosing a business activity, selecting the right legal structure, registering the company name, submitting required documents, and obtaining a trade license. Overall, company formation in Dubai provides individuals and businesses with the opportunity to tap into the city thriving economy and vibrant business environment.

Steps of Company Formation in Dubai

Company Formation in Dubai is straightforward, but you need to follow each step carefully to avoid any issues. Here’s a simplified guide for investors:

Decide Your Business Activities

Determine what your business will do.

Choose the Right Business Entity Type

Select the legal structure that suits your business.

Find an Appropriate Location

Decide where your business will be located.

Reserve a Business Name

Choose a unique name for your company and reserve it.

Submit Documents to the Required Authority

Provide necessary paperwork to the relevant government department.

Draft an MOA to Get External Approvals

Prepare a Memorandum of Association and get approvals from external agencies if needed.

Choose Your Office Space

Select an office space that meets your business needs.

Acquire Your Trade License

Obtain the necessary license to operate your business legally.

Is Company Formation in the UAE Costly?

People often think that company formation in the UAE is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! With the help of the right advisors, like RadiantBiz, company formation in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE can be both easy and affordable.

At RadiantBiz, we analyze your needs and provide you with the best company formation services and packages tailored to your requirements. RadiantBiz offers all-in-one solutions to lower UAE company formation costs with our flexible pricing structure. Our advisors take into account your startup needs and offer packages that fit your budget perfectly.

What is Freezone Company Formation?

Company Formation in UAE Freezone comes with its own rules and expenses. Each Freezone has its own authorities that determine the costs. Starting a company in a Freezone can range from as low as AED 5750* to as high as AED 50,000*. Entrepreneurs have several options for Freezone company formation in the UAE market. Here are some of the most budget-friendly and affordable Freezone.

What is Offshore Company Formation?

The UAE is known for being a tax-free zone, making it attractive for various industries and investors. Offshore company formation in Dubai or anywhere in the country comes with several benefits, leading to the formation of many offshore companies each year. At RadiantBiz, we offer affordable packages for offshore company formation in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Ajman, and RAKEZ. We also help with offshore bank account opening services. Generally, the cost of offshore company formation starts from AED 10,000 for Ajman Free Zone and RAK Free Zone, and approximately AED 18,000 for JAFZA.


Company formation Consultants in Dubai

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The allure of business formation in Dubai is particularly appealing to entrepreneurs worldwide. Dubai offers unique benefits that set it apart from other emirates. With the UAE focus shifting from oil and gas, the government is actively supporting new businesses, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs.

What documents are Required for Company Formation in Dubai, UAE?

Company Formation in Dubai, UAE usually requires several important documents. These can vary based on your business type and chosen company structure (mainland, free zone, or offshore). Typically, you’ll need:

  • Two passport-sized colored photos of all shareholders.
  • Copies of shareholders’ passports.
  • Copies of residence visas.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • Article of Association (AOA).
  • Trade Name Reservation Certificate.
  • Initial approval certificate.
  • Lease agreement.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Bank reference letter.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Formation In Dubai

The requirements for business formation in Dubai or the UAE can vary depending on the type of business and where you plan to register it (free zone or mainland). However, some general criteria include:

Age: You must be at least 18 years old to register a business.

Nationality: There are usually no nationality restrictions, but some free zones may have specific requirements for foreign investors.

Criminal record: You should have a clean criminal record in the UAE and elsewhere.

Funding: You need enough funds to start and run your business.

Business plan: You must have a clear business plan outlining your goals and strategies.

Resident visa: If you’re not a UAE national, you’ll need a resident visa to live and work there.