UAE Business and digital transformation & how business leaders are taking advantage of it.

UAE Business and digital transformation & how business leaders are taking advantage of it.

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With the unfold of covid-19 in UAE, many people were affected and so were businesses. The growth of all sectors of the economy declined, thanks to the pandemic.

The citizens were unable to go shopping and other such places were asked to shut down as well. Many people have therefore decided to take their business online during this time and hence there has been a digital transformation.

Business setup in UAE have also seen the role played by people in this transformation. Organizational complexity, inadequate skills, and employee burnout are the biggest barriers that businesses need to overcome in order to be more productive.

The ongoing disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of flexibility during the company formation in UAE. Many organizations are making permanent changes to their initially decided strategy. Many entrepreneurs plan to participate in platform-based business models to help them expand their business more.

Many people plan an increase in the use of cloud technology. Technologies like AI, automation, and cybersecurity could help make workflows more efficient and responsive. Such technologies will also help in the advancement of the business being done.

Why Do Business Leaders Need Digital transformation?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is the only way to uplift the dropping economy of the UAE. Various strategies and plans are made to encourage digital strategy implementation in UAE.

Strategies to be implemented are The National Innovation Strategy, The Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, The Blockchain Strategy 2021 Technology

Benefits of Digital Transformation?

Sectors like Restaurants, Retail sectors, Electronics and other similar sectors were immensely affected as earlier all these shops were closed and even after the lockdown was lifted, people still avoided going out to purchase goods or avail any of these sectors because even though lockdowns were lifted, stepping out was still not safe.

Shops or businesses that provided personalized customer shopping offer and selection based on their previous choices, a variety of payment options and ability to track the orders as accurately as possible. Also, home delivery has been one of the services provided by these businesses to help the customers out.

Businesses are now going online because of the pandemic. This has helped in the technological advancement of the UAE and has implemented the paperless strategy proposed by the government.

These businesses have also started delivering at home so in this case, the customer does not have to visit the outlets or stores, thus helping prevent the spread of covid-19. The businesses deliver everything to the desired location.

The bills can now be generated on a computer and even budgets can be calculated in seconds with the help of computers, this promotes digitalization. Companies that have switched to online business and digitalization are now expanding and profiting manifolds.

Such companies have adapted to digitalization and are therefore getting profits as their business is not restricted by COVID-19. This digitalization has also made connecting with others and the users easy.

Receiving and giving feedback has been an easy task and therefore there is more scope for improvement and fixing the issues and restocking the products just as soon as they get finished.

How has digital transformation helped leaders?

Digital transformation has helped leaders to overcome issues such as human error while performing basic tasks such as billing and other related things. It has also reduced the amount of workers needed for work has also reduced, hence saving money.

Since everyone has now started online shopping, Digitalisation has made all the businesses available not only to the local but also to others globally.

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