Dubai Chamber’s Initiative to Boost 50,000 Businesses

Dubai Chamber

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently announced their initiative to help over 50,000 companies to expand and progress in the UAE market.

It was realised that with the uncertain and dynamic business environment, it is an essential requirement for companies established in Dubai to keep their business setup in Dubai mainland updated with technology and to be innovative.

How does the Dubai Chamber help Businesses?

Dubai Chamber would help business setup in Dubai, by strengthening the firm through digital transformation.

The challenges faced by business sectors around the world are extremely complex and it crucial to handle them. The spread of the deadly virus; COVID-19 has depleted the growth and development of almost all companies.

Digital transformation is a step towards being comfortable with the new normal. Prioritising digitalization has proven to be practical. Thus, technology and innovation have become important factors that govern many company formation in UAE.

Benefits of Digitalisation for Companies?

There were times when it was enough for firms to own a website. The companies, which are both digitalisation and customer-centric are able to earn higher revenue and enhance their brand’s name.

The utilization of all stepping stones of digitalization-

  • Analytical reports
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media channels

A proper study and analysis of these metrics bring insights into firms’ notice which is extremely helpful. The companies become more aware of the needs of their customers and firms’ position in the market.

Digital tools have made it easier to make the target audience a broader and more inclusive group. When a company receives orders worldwide, it leads to an increase in the customer of the brand, brand awareness, and value.

Inspired Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The Covid-19 crisis could be seen as an opportunity for betterment. The business sectors were struck hard, this motivated entrepreneurs to do their best in order to reverse the effect of the pandemic.

Due to the covid-19 situation, a new generation of entrepreneurs are born who are confident enough to look at a challenge as an opportunity to grow. The digital solutions to the absence of physical trade were beneficial to the companies from both the private and government sectors to make up for the drop in their sales and other negative impacts to their starting a business in Dubai.

Their success stories inspired other people with company formation in Dubai mainland to invest in modern technologies. These modern technologies were the solutions to all the issues caused to the business sector due to the lowered sales during the pandemic.

Google and its contribution?

Google has been extremely helpful during the pandemic. It gave knowledge to businesses and individuals in MENA of assisting tools and digital skills. “Through Grow Stronger with Google” is an initiative taken with an aim of helping one million businesses and individuals in Mena to flourish their respective companies by learning digital skills.

Impacts of Initiative

  • The roles of government and local partners in the growth of Dubai’s economy will be enriched.
  • Tech adaptation as an aid to the growth of business sectors has set the country on a journey of transformation.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs feel secured and have their faith in the Dubai government being with them during the crisis.
  • It has strengthened the bond of Emiratis with the government. Each initiative was taken indirectly impacts the GDP and living standards in Dubai.


Even after the crisis, Dubai’s government stands strong as a pillar to support all those who have set up a business in Dubai by Dubai chamber. The negative impact of the Covid-19 crisis had led to the fall of the economy; there still exist latent solutions and opportunities for an entrepreneur.

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