Dubai Future Forum All Set To Bring The Futurists To An International Platform

Written By Antima – 08th August’22

Dubai Future Forum

Dubai is home to the most promising industries and opportunities for expats from all over the world looking for Business setup in Dubai. Gear up for the biggest gathering of futurists. The city will host the inaugural Dubai Future Forum at the renowned Museum of the Future, as part of its ongoing initiatives to open the door for a better future through technology and innovation.

As per the recent announcement by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, the event will take place in Dubai from 10 to 12 October 2022, bringing over 400 of the world’s leading futurists to Dubai from 15 futuristic organizations.  

He also briefed that “The UAE’s real strength is its development strategy, which is based on foresight and partnership with the brightest minds to build the best future for human communities. We want to be the leaders in strategizing, producing, and generating the innovations of the future. We have a broad vision and high standards that will take the UAE to new heights.”

Furthermore, the occasion will give a boost to the economy of Dubai by exchanging thoughtful and futuristic ideas by the leaders.

Join Dubai on its groundbreaking journey to becoming the next undisputed global commercial powerhouse.

About Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is an eminent landmark that is located in the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. It is regarded as a gateway to the future of the world, 50 years from now. The museum will also contribute to a powerful global economy by showcasing how upcoming innovative solutions, such as Augmented Reality (AR) to Artificial Intelligence (AI), may improve our lives.

Talking about the architecture of the museum, the floors are conceptualized as a large, interactive set that has been brought to life by talented storytellers, technologists, and forward-thinking artists.

Future space travel and living, ecological issues, and climate change are among the subjects of interest. Besides groundbreaking breakthroughs, you might experience exclusive workshops and presentations from the top thinkers in the world.

What are the highlights of the Dubai Future Forum?

The focus will be on four key issues that would be discussed in a total of 30 sessions

  • The future of our world and how to make the best of the resources
  • Mitigating existential risk through foresight
  • Value and humanity
  • Hedging our bets through foresight.

The Forum will be held over two days at the acclaimed Museum of the Future and will give futurists an international platform to engage in conversation about tomorrow’s possibilities for a brighter future.

The Dubai Future Foundation aims to envision Dubai’s future in partnership with the public and private sectors while developing ideas, and programs for implementation on a local and worldwide scale.

What is the significance of the Dubai Future Forum?

The Dubai Future Forum will act as an opportunity for people all around the world to discuss how to build the future and improve society’s quality of life. By foreseeing impending disruptive changes in the future of many crucial sectors, it will also improve cooperation between governments, institutions, and individuals.

Moreover, it will assist in the formation of strong global partnerships to generate new future opportunities that are in line with global changes and aid in the discovery of solutions to challenges and opportunities.

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