How to Avail Merchant and Business Loans in the UAE

How to Avail Merchant and Business Loans in the UAE

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Several company registration in UAE take place every day. Due to the UAE’s versatile economy, companies want the exposure that is at disposal. Often times when companies decide to go forth with your business setup in the UAE, they find themselves needing to pursue the idea of getting business loans in UAE.

Now a plethora of questions may arise, how to apply for the loan? What documents are required? Eligibility conditions, etc. We’ve provided a small guide on how to avail a business loan in the UAE. Take note and you’ll be

Starting a business in the UAE in no time.

One of the points to keep in mind is to keep an excellent credit score. Conditions while applying for a loan in the UAE are quite a few, such as subpar interest rate, strict rules, and providing collateral while applying. But the stability of bank loans is why it is still preferred by a lot of companies and entrepreneurs.


The benefits of opting for a loan after opening a company in the UAE are as follows.

  1. You will be able to opt for loans that abide by the Shariah complaints.
  2. Free credit cards can be acquired.
  3. Insurance cover is provided free of cost.
  4. Interest rates can be chosen between fixed rates.
  5. Providing security for the loan is not a necessity.

Whether you work in a Dubai-free zone or just got your trade license in Dubai, checking the eligibility conditions early on can provide ease and help you plan out accordingly.

  1. The business should have to be in operation for a minimum of a year.
  2. On the chance, if your company is a branch or subsidiary of an offshore company formation in UAE then acquiring a loan might be easier.
  3. Companies are mandated to have an annual turnover of AED 1 million.
  4. Limited liability companies are at ease to acquire a quicker loan.
  5. Companies with sole proprietorship/sponsorship are also at the advantage of a faster loan.

Looking at these prerequisites you can go forth with the completion of your business setup servic

Below are the necessary documents required while availing of a loan in the UAE.

  1. Trade License – through a trade license you can not only apply for a
  2. business loan but also loans such as home loan, personal loan, auto loan, etc.
  3. Business Agreement
  4. Passport
  5. Bank Statements
  6. Emirates ID

Whether you are looking for a company set up in UAE or have registered a company in Dubai, if you are looking for applying for a loan it is important you understand the banking policies and all the nitty-gritty details. If confusion persists, you can seek the guidance of business setup services such as Radianbiz.

We provide our expert solutions on Dubai business setup. We run you through all the banking policies, such as applying for business loans. We are here for you every step of the way.

Have questions? Drop your comments below. Or contact our team and get your queries answered.

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