How to Start a Facility Management Company in Dubai?

How to start a facility management company in Dubai?

How to start a facility management company in Dubai?

Facility management company does the tasks of managing various facilities. Manufacturing and factory complexes, office buildings, shopping centers, and parks, sports facilities, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, and other facilities whether private or public are all managed by facility management companies. 

What are the different types of facility management companies

1. Cleaning
2. Hardware Inspection and maintenance
3. Environment, health, and safety
4. Space management and migration
5. Transportation
6. Security Services
7. Fire Safety
8. Operational
9. Business Continuity

Responsibilities of a facility management company

The duties of a facility management company varies depending on the discipline and organization where you work, but they will all aim to improve productivity and minimize waste while keeping people alive and healthy. Other objectives include: 

1. completing all of the duties regularly
2. Keeping up with all changes in the industry’s regulations
3. Keeping track of inefficiencies and problems and reporting on them
4. Identifying service areas that can be improved
5. Calculating the costs of the products and equipment you’ll need to complete your tasks
6. Responding to emergencies in a peaceful and timely manner
7. Delegating and coordinating FM efforts at the same time

Facility management license cost

The overall costs of starting a facilities management business in Dubai will vary based upon where you choose to company registration in UAE, how many visas you need, and other factors like whether it is a free zone company, offshore company, or mainland company.

Why set up in Dubai?

Dubai has a vast market. This opens better opportunities for Facility management companies. With the right skills and management techniques, it is easy to open a facilities management company in Dubai.

How to set up a facilities management company in Dubai

1. Deciding the name- Deciding the name of the company is an important task to do. The name should not be selected by any other company and it should not translate to something offensive in any language.

2. Deciding the area- You need to decide whether the company has to be a free zone, offshore, or mainland company as all of them have different costs of setup and different requirements as well.

3. Applying for the license- The most crucial step is to apply for a license. Applying for a license for a  company at any place follows a few basic steps that are mostly the same for all of them. If you apply on your own or through a business consultant, you have to include some important paperwork, such as:
Application form completed, Copy of the proposed owner’s or owners’ passport, Two passport-sized color photographs.

4. Applying for visas– Application of visas for yourself,family members, and employees need to be submitted.

5. Opening a corporate bank account- There is now a need to open a corporate bank account for the company.

If all documentation is done properly, the license and other essential documents are available within 2 weeks.

How RadiantBiz helps you

In matters like business setup, people tend to get confused and get in chaos due to several rules and requirements. This is the time when people tend to look for an expert. A lot of chaos can be avoided if guidance is taken from the very beginning. We at Radiantbiz are a team of experts who are here to help you with your queries related to all types of business setup.


Setting up a facility management company in Dubai provides a lot of opportunities. It is easy to set up a facility management company in Dubai by following a few simple steps and with the help of expert guidance.

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