4 January, 2024

How to Open a Retail Shop in Dubai

setup retail shop in dubai

Since the business landscape in Dubai is ever-evolving, initiating the process of opening a store is a thrilling experience. Setting up a retail store requires careful planning and following the law, no matter how experienced you are as an entrepreneur or how new you are to running your own business. 

We’ll walk you through the most important steps in this guide, from making your store stand out to figuring out how much it will cost.

Make Your Retail Store Stand Out

It’s important to make your shop stand out in Dubai’s very competitive retail market. Here are a few tips that will surely help you achieve that:

Unique Branding: Give your business a unique look that showcases what you stand for and what you sell. A memorable image, catchy motto, and consistent branding across all platforms can set your retail shop apart.

Exceptional Customer Service: To make shopping a good experience for your customers, it’s very important to provide great customer service. Staff who are well-trained and polite can make an impact on customers that stay with your brand, which can lead to repeat business.

Visual Merchandising: Create an appealing in-store setting through effective visual merchandising. Thoughtfully arranged displays and beautiful storefronts can draw potential customers and encourage browsing.

Online Presence: Establish a strong online presence through a user-friendly website and active social media handles. Engage with your community, showcase your goods, and utilize digital marketing to reach a bigger customer range.

Promotions and Events: To get people to visit your store, plan sales, deals, and events. Limited-time deals and exclusive events can create excitement and boost foot traffic.


Documents Required to Open a Retail Shop in Dubai

Before getting into the steps, it’s essential to gather the necessary papers for opening a retail shop in Dubai. Required papers include:

  • Passport copies of all owners and managers working in the business.
  • Copy of the owner’s Dubai residence visa or other necessary visa documents.
  • Passport size photos.
  • Ownership deed or lease deal for the legal site of your retail shop, meeting all zoning and safety standards set by the Dubai Municipality.


Steps for Setting Up a Retail Shop in Dubai

  1. Choose a Business Activity: Identify the business you want to form, along with the operational area. Check with the Department of Economic Development (DED) to ensure your chosen business activity is permitted.
  2. Register Your Business: Select a company name, agree on a formal structure, and file required paperwork. Register your business with the DED.
  3. Obtain a Business License: Determine the necessary business license with the help of professionals. Contact RadiantBiz for all and any guidance on obtaining the right licenses for your retail store.
  4. Lease a Commercial Space: Rent or purchase a commercial area intended for commercial use. It’s important to secure all the appropriate permissions from local authorities.
  5. Obtain Necessary Approvals: Depending on your business, seek extra approvals from relevant officials (e.g., Food Control Department for food-related companies).
  6. Hire Employees: Recruit people as required. Obtain the necessary work authorizations and visas for your workers.
  7. Start Operating: After finishing all necessary actions and getting relevant approvals, officially open your retail store in Dubai.


How Much Does It Cost to Establish a Retail Store in Dubai? 

The cost of starting a retail shop in Dubai varies based on factors such as business type, location, and size. If we talk about a rough estimate, planning a budget of approximately AED 22,000 can cover the initial costs.



Setting off on the path to open a retail shop in Dubai requires careful preparation and proper adherence to all the legal processes. By ensuring your store stands out, knowing the required documents, and following our step-by-step guide, you can lay the foundation for a successful retail business. 

For personalized assistance and knowledge suited to your unique needs, consult with RadiantBiz, your trusted business consulting partner. With experienced experts, reliable procedures, and a commitment to legal compliance, RadiantBiz ensures a smooth and cost-effective journey, helping you handle the complexities of starting and growing your retail business in Dubai. 

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