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To operate a business in the Dubai Mainland area, you are required to mandatorily appoint a local sponsor in Dubai, especially for the enterprises that belong to the trading and commercial business category. Due to this stringent guideline put forward by the UAE government, many businesses find it extremely difficult to enter Dubai Mainland area for doing business. This holds back the potential of many confident businessmen trying to achieve more market share with outstanding goods and services. It is important to have a trustworthy local partner, due to the local laws and restrictions in place for foreign-owned companies and investors in the UAE.

To promote growth and enable Dubai Mainland area for capable businesses,  We are ready to support all your mainland activities by being your local service agents. With our local sponsorship service, you can now operate the business by sitting at the comfort of your home in foreign nation. By building convenient Memorandom of Assosiation (MOA), we aim to give you 100% financial and operational control so that you can trust our local sponsors for your business in Dubai or all across UAE. Trust us to be your nominee partner and help you in the smooth establishment of your business.

We answer to all your worries about having someone to represent on your behalf. Your speculations are completely taken care of with our experts who are ready to assist you through every major decision for your business. We handle all your local sponsor related requirement so that you can focus more on growing business. Safeguarding your interest and rights as an investor, Radiantbiz has assigned dedicated lawyers to deal with the matters related to signing the contracts.

Radiantbiz brings you the one time offer of being your local sponsor in Dubai, in form of corporate sponsorship as well as individual sponsorship.

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“Having Radiantbiz manage our financial accounts has been a have-it-all for our business. Their team have time and again diagnosed strategic problems with our plans and made us perform better. Their recommendations have been well received by our organization and took our business to a global level.”

Jameel Akrin
Managing DirectorManaging Director, Jameel International Trading LLC

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