Company Setup and Company Registration in Dubai, UAE

Radiantbiz is built for assisting firms in modern management practices across the UAE.

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Debt Management

Debt Structuring is required when you need to raise corporate debt for the growth of business, capital expenditure or debt repayment.

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Mortgage & Home Loan in Dubai, UAE

With many years of experience in banking and financial industry, Radiant Management Consultancy facilitates you to avail maximum loan amount at affordable interest rates.

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Real Estate & Construction Financing

If you are looking to finance commercial registered buildings, including offices, shops, residential and mixed-use, you are at the right place.

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Commercial Financing

When starting a business, commercial financing can seem very daunting to foreign investors who are newly adjusting to the banking system in the UAE.

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Trade Finance

For companies trading overseas, importing and exporting goods requires an appropriate funder. To avoid complexity in business, it is imperative to look for simple and flexible finance solutions for domestic and international trade transactions.

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Business Bank Account Dubai, UAE

Whether you are new to the UAE or simply looking for better banking options, setting up a bank account can be tricky with the new banking regulations in place.

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Business Banking Services

As part of our company formation plan, we also extend banking knowledge to enable your smooth financial operations.

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Court Notarization

We have over 25 years of experience in legal representation. Our professionals can assist you with all Notary Public Services required to set-up your business.

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MOA/AOA Amendments

For the newly introduced MOA/AOA guidelines, our experts offer you services according to International Accounting Standards.

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License Renewals

Radiant Management Consultancy values your time and efforts made to set-up your own business.

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Language Translations Services

To communicate better with your local or foreign client, we offer professional translation service. We know how difficult it can be to operate in a foreign land and therefore make it a point to give you error-free translation service.

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