Advantages of company formation in ADGM

Below are a few of the significant advantages you can discover at ADGM:

  1. Separate Legal Identity: ADGM offers entrepreneurs the advantage of a separate legal identity for their businesses, reducing personal liability.
  1. No Share Capital Requirement: There's no mandatory share capital requirement in ADGM, making it cost-effective for startups and small businesses.
  1. English Common Law: Operating under English Common Law provides businesses with a familiar and well-established legal framework, ensuring clarity and transparency.
  1. Minimal Requirements: ADGM has minimal setup requirements, with only one shareholder and one director needed, simplifying the incorporation process.
  1. Tax Benefits: Enjoy UAE tax residency and access to the UAE double tax treaty network, potentially reducing tax liabilities.
  1. Additional Benefits: ADGM offers perks like migrating existing entities, no document attestation, and holding multiple share classes, boosting business flexibility.

What is ADGM?

ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market) operates as an international financial free zone, notable for its unique adherence to English Common Law—the first instance of its direct application in the Middle East. Governed by three distinct authorities—the Registration Authority (RA), the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), and ADGM Courts—this jurisdiction offers a conducive environment for a wide array of industries, including financial services, professional services, and technology sectors.

Renowned for its status as an attractive location for corporate headquarters, as well as for holding companies and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), ADGM stands as a beacon of stability and reliability in the region. Situated strategically, it provides easy access to not only the Middle East but also Europe and Africa, positioning businesses for global reach and expansion opportunities.

By choosing to establish your business within ADGM, you're not only gaining access to a trusted financial center but also ensuring that your operations benefit from a robust legal framework, unparalleled regulatory oversight, and a dynamic ecosystem conducive to growth and innovation.

What are the steps of company formation in ADGM?

When it comes to registering a company in ADGM, involves multiple steps, requiring a thorough understanding of company structures and the licensing process. Here are key points to consider:

  1. Gather all necessary documents, including the business plan, articles of association, and copies of passports for key personnel, before proceeding with your application.
  1. Submit your application through the ADGM portal.
  1. Upon approval, typically within 10 days, you will receive your license.
  1. It's advisable to work with a specialist to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process for your ADGM business.

Working with a company formation specialist can expedite the setup process, allowing us to handle all details and ensure error-free applications. Additionally, we can assist with opening a corporate bank account and provide valuable advice on selecting the most suitable financial institution for your needs.

At RadiantBiz, we offer comprehensive solutions to initiate your company in the UAE. Our services include fast, reliable, and impartial guidance on your specific business setup requirements. From selecting the appropriate license for your business activities to guiding you through the entire process, we ensure a hassle-free experience.

With us managing the registration process, you can focus on your business operations. Partnering with RadiantBiz guarantees access to budget-friendly and efficient solutions, making your business aspirations a reality.

For over a decade, RadiantBiz has supported more than 15,000 entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses across various sectors, including mainland, offshore, and free zone setups. Whether you require trade licenses or assistance with registering your company, RadiantBiz is your trusted one-stop solution.

Cost for obtaining a holding company license in ADGM, UAE

For an accurate pricing quote, please reach out to RadiantBiz to ensure a tailored price that aligns with your specific requirements. However, as a rough estimate, the incorporation of a holding company or Special Purpose Vehicle typically amounts to approximately USD 3,000 for the initial year. This cost encompasses the ADGM license fee, along with fees for an office address and professional services. In the subsequent year, the ADGM fee is reduced to USD 1,200.

If establishing your presence in ADGM resonates with your business objectives, feel free to reach out to RadiantBiz to initiate the setup process for your new company and embark on the next phase of your business journey.

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