Advantages of company formation in Meydan


Strategic Location:

Situated in the heart of Dubai, Meydan Free Zone offers easy access to key business areas, transport links, and major international markets, enhancing business connectivity.


100% Foreign Ownership:

Meydan Free Zone allows for full foreign ownership of businesses, providing entrepreneurs with complete control over their ventures without the need for a local sponsor.


Tax Incentives:

Businesses established in Meydan Free Zone benefit from tax exemptions on corporate and personal income tax, capital gains tax, and import/export duties, contributing to cost savings and profitability.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

The free zone boasts modern infrastructure, including customizable office spaces, warehouses, and advanced telecommunications facilities, supporting business operations and growth.


Business Support Services:

Meydan Free Zone offers comprehensive business support services, including administrative assistance, visa processing, legal support, and access to networking events, facilitating smooth setup and operations.


Industry Focus:

With a focus on sectors such as sports, entertainment, technology, and innovation, the Meydan Free Zone provides a specialized ecosystem and opportunities for businesses operating in these industries to thrive and collaborate.

About Meydan Free Zone:

Meydan Free Zone (MFZ) is a prominent economic free zone in the UAE, centrally located within Dubai. Established in 2009 through Ruler’s Decree No. 5, it enjoys a prime position near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City and the Dubai Logistics Corridor.

Renowned for its strategic placement, MFZ offers proximity to various commercial centers and key locations, including the Dubai International Airport. Additionally, it is surrounded by a multitude of modern amenities and developments such as advanced facilities, parks, healthcare institutions, educational establishments, residential communities, sports venues, entertainment centers, and thriving commercial sectors. These attributes significantly enhance its appeal to potential investors.

What are the Activities available in the Meydan Free Zone?

The Meydan Free Zone offers a diverse range of activities across various industries. Some of the activities available include:

  1. Sports and Recreation: This includes sports facilities management, event management, sports consultancy, sports equipment trading, and recreational services.
  2. Technology and Innovation: Activities such as software development, IT consultancy, hardware trading, e-commerce, digital marketing, and innovation services are available.
  3. Hospitality and Tourism: Services related to hotel management, travel agencies, tour operators, restaurant management, and catering services are among the offerings.
  4. Education and Training: Activities may include educational consultancy, training centers, language schools, and educational materials trading.
  5. Logistics and Trading: Options such as logistics services, warehousing, distribution, import/export trading, and freight forwarding are available.
  6. Health and Wellness: This category encompasses healthcare services, medical equipment trading, pharmaceuticals, wellness centers, and beauty clinics.
  7. Media and Entertainment: Activities such as media production, advertising agencies, event management, talent agencies, and entertainment venues are offered.
  8. Real Estate and Construction: Services may include real estate development, property management, construction companies, architectural firms, and engineering consultancy.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more activities available in the Meydan Free Zone to suit various business interests and ventures.

License available in Meydan Freezone

Media License: This Licence permits businesses to conduct operations and participate in endeavors associated with advertising, marketing, web development, and printing services.

Service & Consultancy License:  Encompasses professional offerings such as business advisory, management consulting, accounting, real estate consultancy, human resources, technical services, and other skilled professional services reliant on expertise, capability, and talent.

The Commercial License: This license permits businesses to conduct general trading, retail services, and import/export operations. Notably, Meydan Free Zone does not provide warehouse facilities for businesses involved in processing or storing physical goods and materials.

What are the documents required for Meydan Freezone Business Setup?

Individual Shareholder

  1. Application forms, signed by the authorized signatory.
  2. A comprehensive 3-year business plan outlining the company's objectives and strategies.
  3. Copies of passports and visas for shareholders, directors, and the manager.
  4. CVs of shareholders, directors, and the manager, providing detailed professional backgrounds.
  5. An original bank reference letter stamped by the bank, or a 6-month bank statement to demonstrate financial stability and credibility.

Corporate Shareholder

  1. Application forms duly signed by the authorized signatory
  2. Audited financial report
  3. Copy of company profile
  4. 3-year business plan
  5. Letter from the shareholding company for the appointment of a manager
  6. Board resolution calling for the establishment of a Meydan Free Zone company, attachment of specimen signature, passport copy & power of attorney for manager, director & secretary
  7. Company documents are issued within a day
  8. Capital repatriation without restrictions
  9. 0% import or re-export duties
  10. 0% personal income tax

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