How to Start a Medical Center in Dubai?

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How to Start a Medical Center in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates is open to global investment since the country has approved foreign specialists and professionals to handle their commercial activities in the area. Entrepreneurs and business people rush to Dubai, which is regarded as one of the greatest destinations in the UAE to establish new ventures like Medical Center in Dubai. Because the Emirate has seen fast urban expansion, with substantial ex-pat populations flocking to Dubai every year in pursuit of new work prospects, Dubai presents businesses with several chances. Dubai is believed to have the lowest physician-to-patient ratio, therefore the healthcare and medicine business has a lot of room for expansion.

Dubai’s well-established network has sparked a fast expansion in the medical industry, making it the finest area in the UAE to begin supplying medical services and facilities. Dubai continues to be a pioneer in attracting international investment due to open, effective investment rules, robust legislation, and a healthy environment that fosters growth.

Healthcare industry in Dubai

The government of Dubai has provided enormous assistance to the healthcare industry in the development of world-class healthcare facilities, allowing multinational players to build the necessary infrastructure, programs, and state centers. Dubai’s healthcare system has advanced to new heights in recent years, with world-class hospitals, labs, and research centers. As a consequence, residents of the UAE frequently utilize private healthcare facilities since they like to live at a high quality of living and do not hesitate to invest in a competent medical facility at a reasonable cost.

The sector has evolved from a basic healthcare support system to a full-fledged, high-tech healthcare system that offers comprehensive programs using cutting-edge medical technology, modern research methodologies, and worldwide processes to give the finest healthcare services in the UAE. The UAE’s healthcare system comprises broad public healthcare programs for UAE citizens, as well as a network of private medical centers and clinics that provide specialized medical services to ex-pats and locals. All medical institutes and clinics work together to provide round-the-clock medical care to a wide spectrum of people, including UAE nationals and foreigners who come to the UAE to work, research, or engage in business or investment operations.

Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City is a custom-built enclave with its own set of laws, business-friendly regulations, and tax advantages for healthcare enterprises operating in the area. Dubai Healthcare City was founded in response to the Ruler of Dubai’s request to establish a distinct zone for medical services and industries.


The location is conveniently positioned between the Sheikh Zayed Rashid Highway and the Wafi Center, with the green metro line providing easy access. The DHC is regarded as the world’s largest hospital complex, operating under free zone legislation and other business-friendly policies. The territory is divided into two parts, with Phase 1 encompassing over 4.1 million square kilometers and Phase 2 covering roughly 22 million. Phase 2 is now being created with infrastructure to attract healthcare and wellness enterprises to begin DHC operations.

Dubai Healthcare City Authority

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority is in charge of the DHC Free Zone’s establishment. The DHCA is in charge of maintaining zone standards, promoting facilities, and drafting rules. The DHCA is also in charge of registering businesses in the territory and issuing licenses and permissions to businesses, agencies, centers, and hospitals that operate in the zone.

How to Start a Medical Center in Dubai 

Starting a healthcare firm in Dubai is a wonderful way to thrive in the nation from a commercial standpoint because the country’s doctor-to-population ratio is quite low. Specialists, physicians, and medically trained practitioners will set up clinics to provide general medical care, as well as specialized medical services such as pediatrics, maternity, gynecology, and radiology. It also provides a wide range of additional medical treatments based on their area of specialization.

The Dubai Healthcare Authority was established in 2007 to supervise and control all medical professionals, hospitals, centers, and other medical network operators. Anyone interested in establishing a medical center in Dubai must first obtain DHA clearance.

Medical Center Licensing 

It should be noted, however, that the medical profession and healthcare facilities are strictly controlled, and that the company’s owner must have proper qualifications for the UAE-recognized profession. Medical centers are permitted to treat or sell people using Allopathy, Siddha, Unani, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and other licensed medical methods in the nation.

According to the system, the company owner must receive specific permissions from the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) by following all rules, regulations, and enforcement established by government authorities and agencies governing medical services in the UAE.

  • Opening a Private Clinic/Medical Center/Facility/Hospital specifications
  • Starting procedure for a private clinic/medical center/facility/hospital
  • Opening a private clinic/medical center/facility/hospital Documents
  • Medical Center/Facility/Hospital Operating Fees

Requirements for registering your medical center in Dubai 

Before you proceed with your plans to open a clinic or medical center in Dubai, you should be informed of the requirements that must be met. Because the healthcare industry in Dubai is heavily regulated, all organizations engaged in opening a healthcare facility, a treatment center, or a private hospital must get separate licenses and authorization from the government. Later on, you’ll need to understand the DHA’s criteria and processes, which only enable certified professionals to seek licensure and launch a healthcare business in the country.

Individual Medical Center Requirements

A possible business partner must have a valid medical degree and be certified by international medical organizations or the UAE Healthcare Authority, which conducts medical practitioner examinations to assess their abilities and credentials. You should choose a director for your company entity who fits the standards for clients who lack legal, medical, or other professional credentials.

Operating a medical institution, on the other hand, has its own set of standards depending on the sort of business. It should be noted that a huge number of licenses, approvals, and authorizations are necessary before utilizing your medical center in Dubai.

Medical Center Space Requirements

In terms of space, there are special needs for building clinics, medical offices, centers, and hospitals. The size of patient rooms, waiting halls, finishing, service spaces, equipment, and specifications for protection, lighting, and electrical rules will be defined by the authorities’ tight limits.

The Steps to Starting a Medical Center in Dubai

You’ll need to follow particular steps after opting to open a medical clinic in Dubai, such as obtaining licenses from the Dubai Healthcare Authority and approval to open a facility from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), as well as paying fees to the Free Zone Authorities.

Step 1: Create and register your business name

The trade or brand name under which the medical services business firm will be founded must be designed by the business owner. The naming of the firm in the UAE must adhere to the naming rules and regulations, which prohibit the use of unlawful nomenclature in the brand’s name. To prevent trademark issues, the trade name must not seek to replicate, reproduce, or develop an identity based on established healthcare firms operating in the nation.

If an investor or business owner chooses a trading name, the investor must apply online with the DED to reserve the name. Once the title has been registered with the authorities, you may begin the next steps.


Step 2: Obtain Preliminary Approval from the DED.

After registering your trade name with the DED, a company owner can now apply for initial authorization for the formation of a private clinic or private hospital. The business owner must now seek the necessary papers, along with his passport. Second, the appropriate registered layout design or plan of the center or medical facility must be submitted to the Dubai Municipality for approval.

Step 3: Submit an application for DHA approval 

You must wait a few days after submitting your DED approval application to receive your DHA approval certificate.

Step 4: Submit the Documents Required

All records must be provided to the authorities by the business owner or investor. The Memorandum of Association, the leasing agreement, and other documents are used to help with the medical facility’s registration procedure.

Step 5: Obtain final approval from the DED

The documentation must be prepared by the business owner for final approval. Along with the registration cost, a photocopy of the original license is required.

  • Final trade license granted by the authority of the DED or the free zone.
  • No objection certificate (NOC) to be assigned to the Medical Director by the owner
  • List of medical directors and experts in the healthcare sector
  • A legal lease for the house
  • List of Chief of Medicine and Health Professionals
  • A legal lease for the house

Step 6: Obtain your medical license from the DHA.

The final step in acquiring a medical license is to create an account on the DHA site to apply for a DHA license. To get permission, the owner must provide the names and contact information of all medical practitioners and contractors employed by the company. You should wait for the DHA to verify all of your papers before starting a medical hospital or institution.

Dubai’s Healthcare Regulatory Authorities

The Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA), which supervises the course, sets and enforces laws, establishes healthcare policies, and oversees the Dubai Emirate’s government healthcare facilities, is a highly structured system. The DHA’s main objectives are to maintain control over Dubai-based medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and other related healthcare service providers, as well as to manage their operations to the greatest possible standards. Anyone in Dubai who wants to launch a medical service or support firm will be permitted to set up and run their operations.

Dubai’s government is taking major measures to provide the greatest healthcare facilities and to establish Dubai Healthcare City as a global healthcare center.

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