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We have helped more than 15,000 companies from all over 


We have helped more than 15,000 companies from all over 


WHERE TO START BUSINESS SETUP IN DUBAI?Dubai is a popular destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the Middle East

Establishing a company in Dubai can be overwhelming. Begin by deciding on which company type best suits your business plan and choose to register under a free zone license, mainland license, or offshore license.

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai/classic

  • Foreigners can have 100% ownership in Dubai Mainland
  • Business may be conducted effortlessly from anywhere in the UAE
  • Ability to apply for UAE government contracts.

Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone/classic

  • Get your trade license without visiting UAE.
  • No physical office is required for free zone license in UAE
  • Exemptions from all taxes on the whole business.

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai/classic

  • Set up offshore company in UAE with no minimum capital requirements.
  • Common laws along with No Limits on capital repartriation.
  • Availability of wide range of legal structure.

START A BUSINESS SETUP IN DUBAILet us guide you through the process of business setup in Dubai.

We have been the leaders of the sector for 12 years and our team knows the drill. What makes us the top company formation consultants in Dubai is competency, credibility, and years of expertise.



The documentation process might be difficult for an international entrepreneur who is setting up shop in a new country.


Attaining Trade License in Dubai

Choosing & applying the correct trade license are crucial steps in getting your business setup in Dubai.


Initiate Visa Processing

RadiantBiz will assist you in every way to get your visa approved in no time. Want to know more about the visa services? Contact us for more details.


Opening Corporate Bank Account

International entrepreneurs may find it difficult to open a corporate bank account in the UAE. Our experienced team will help you in opening bank account in UAE.

12 years of proven experienceRef: Gulf News
as the leading business setup consultant in Dubai.

Our business experts provide strategies to help you with business setup in Dubai. We have catered to around 15,000 customers from 134 different countries in the past 12 years. Moreover, Our other services includes corporate bank account opening, PRO Services & Visas, VAT & Taxation Services, Digital Branding etc.

We are not only the one of the best business setup consultant in Dubai but also the path finders to fulfill your dream of running a promising company in Dubai.

Next, we have a strong network of banking experts and legal advisors, which will help you with your business setup in Dubai.

Furthermore, we have clients from 134 different countries.

Lastly, We have more than 12 years of experience.


Banking Services

We also provide business banking services as part of our company

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E-Commerce Solutions

Our E-Commerce solution simplifies the shopping experience for online visitors.

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Company Setup

RadiantBiz has made a name for itself around the world with its business setup.

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Visa and PRO Services

Our marketing tactics are the most effective for increasing customer loyalty.

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Jurisdiction of Company Registration in UAE

RadiantBiz collaborates with the best to help you make the right choices for your business. We work with partners from all over the UAE to give you a hassle-free business setup in Dubai.

We can assist you with business setup in UAE free zones and also have tieups with Mainland and offshore as well as with different banks. Our long-term partnership allows our clients to take advantage of a variety of exclusive perks and services that help them achieve their goals.

We also got featured in Khaleej Times & Gulf News.


RadiantBiz’s cost calculator allows you to calculate the expenses and budget required for business setup in Dubai, so that you can plan accordingly

According to modifications to UAE company legislation slated to take effect on June 1st, 2021, foreigners forming a business in the UAE will no longer require a United Arab Emirates shareholder or agent.

The best bank for opening your corporate bank account depends on your business type and it’s requirements. We analyse your needs and suggest you the best bank where you can invest and open your business account.

There are many reasons why you should hire a business setup consultant in Dubai. Some of them are- 

  • They can help you make the business setup process easier.
  • They ensure that no documents are left and everything is submitted.
  • They help you come up with a tailor made strategy to help you get your business started.
  • Their experience can help you understand the market better.
  • They treat your business like theirs.

If your documentation gets approved and verified by the concerned authorities, you will receive you trade license within 2 working days.

A copy of your passport with a UAE residency visa, signed visa application form The medical fitness test report , a copy of the renewal registration form for Emirates ID cards, a copy of the firm licence that is currently valid, a copy of your current immigration card , A copy of a university diploma, A signed employment contract (if applicable, attested, and translated) , passport photocopies are necessary to apply for your visa renewal.

RadiantBiz provides business setup services in Freezones, Mainland and offshores across the UAE.

A business setup consultant in Dubai can help you by making the business setup and bank account opening processes easier. They ensure that you take care of all the steps in the correct order along with all the paperwork. They work on preparing a strategy just for you so that you do not have to worry about anything.


Complete a few steps to find out the cost of business setup. Be prepared and start your business journey in Dubai after knowing the cost required with our easy to use cost calculator.

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