What is a Crypto License in Dubai?

To launch a cryptocurrency business in Dubai, you need to obtain a crypto trade license. This license falls under the category of a "commercial license," which is essential for conducting any trading activities in Dubai. The crypto license is particularly important for businesses involved in trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. With this license, you are authorized to engage in various major cryptocurrency trading operations within Dubai. For Cryptocurrencies Trading in the free zone, you need permission from the authority there. The DMCC has given a special license for trading. Your crypto company can only trade cryptocurrencies and needs to have at least AED45,000 as its starting money to get the license.

Get ready for hassle-free crypto trading in Dubai! The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Free Zone Authority has given the green light for a special crypto license in Dubai. This license lets you buy and trade crypto commodities with ease. However, there are some rules to follow.
If your company deals with crypto exchange operations, crypto brokering, financial services, banking, storage servicing, or payment processing, unfortunately, you won't qualify for this license. The good news is that getting a crypto trading permit is possible, but you need approval from the free zone's authority.
Here's a tip: The DMCC has also approved a proprietary trading license. To grab this opportunity, make sure your crypto firm focuses solely on crypto trading and has a minimum share capital of AED$50,000. This way, you can secure the license and dive into the exciting world of crypto trading in Dubai!

The UAE offers a cryptocurrency license under the commercial licencing category. This license will enable you to trade in any cryptocurrency-related products and carry out other DLT-related operations. Therefore, this might be your gateway to Dubai’s bitcoin market.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that operates independently, without being controlled by any central authority or government. Unlike traditional money, it doesn't have a physical form and doesn't exist in a tangible way. People can obtain cryptocurrencies either by mining them, which involves using computer power to solve complex puzzles, or by trading them, similar to how stocks and shares are bought and sold on the stock market. The value of cryptocurrencies changes based on how much people want them and how many are available, just like other commodities in the market.

Many of the business holders in today’s date are shifting towards cryptocurrency and crypto business, which is undoubtedly the right as crypto business is a billionaire dollar industry all around the world. All the Bitcoins in the world are roughly worth 1.03 Trillion.

How to Obtain a Cryptocurrency License in the UAE

If you're interested in starting a cryptocurrency business in the UAE, you can obtain a license in specific economic zones such as DMCC, IFZA, ADGM, DWTC, and DAFZA. Each zone has its own set of requirements, conditions, and opportunities for cryptocurrency companies. However, there are general rules that all crypto companies must follow, including:

  • Having a minimum authorized capital of $13,600
  • Providing certified copies of founders' documents
  • Creating a business plan
  • Adhering to KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies
  • Once you've registered your license, you can engage in various activities such as issuing digital currencies, managing assets, registering a cryptocurrency exchange, and conducting brokerage activities.

It's important to note that in most cases, you'll need to register with the Virtual Asset Regulation Authority (VARA) to operate a licensed cryptocurrency company in Dubai. VARA has introduced regulations for virtual assets and related activities, which came into effect on February 7, 2023. These regulations apply to all virtual asset service providers.

Types of Cryptocurrency Licenses in Dubai

Dubai, known for its progressive stance on technology and innovation, offers a conducive environment for cryptocurrency businesses through its Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) free zone. Understanding the types of cryptocurrency licenses available in Dubai is essential for entrepreneurs looking to venture into this lucrative market.

Crypto Trading License:

The DMCC free zone provides a specialized license for companies involved in cryptocurrency trading activities. This license enables businesses to purchase and trade crypto commodities within the free zone. However, it's crucial to note that obtaining this license comes with certain regulatory constraints. For instance, companies engaged in crypto exchange operations, brokering, financial services, banking, storage servicing, or payment processing are not eligible for this license.

  • Eligibility: Companies involved in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Regulatory Constraints: Prohibits certain activities like crypto exchange operations, financial services, etc.
  • Approval Process: Requires consent from the DMCC Free Zone Authority.
  • Share Capital Requirement: Minimum share capital of AED$50,000.

Distributed Ledger Technology Service License:

For companies focusing on distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions and blockchain-based database management, the DMCC offers a specialized license. Unlike the crypto trading license, firms under this category are not permitted to engage in cryptocurrency trading, establish exchanges, provide financial services, or process payments.

  • Eligibility: Companies offering DLT solutions and blockchain-based database management.
  • Prohibited Activities: Crypto trading, exchange establishment, financial services, payment processing.
  • Approval Process: Clearance required from the DMCC.
  • Share Capital Requirement: Minimum share capital of AED$500,000.

Understanding the types of cryptocurrency licenses available in Dubai is crucial for entrepreneurs aiming to establish and operate within the DMCC free zone. Whether it's engaging in cryptocurrency trading or providing distributed ledger technology services, compliance with regulatory requirements and obtaining the appropriate license is paramount for success in Dubai thriving crypto market.

How to get a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai?

  • If you're considering getting a cryptocurrency license in Dubai, it's essential to understand the regulatory requirements and steps involved. RadiantBiz is here to guide you through this process smoothly.
  • Specializing in providing expert advice to entrepreneurs looking to establish cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets in Dubai, RadiantBiz assists with everything from setting up offshore entities to document preparation, ensuring a seamless experience in obtaining your Dubai cryptocurrency license.
  • Dubai has emerged as a leading market for cryptocurrency platforms globally, with the rapid growth of cryptocurrency companies attracting investors and entrepreneurs alike. By the end of 2020, the global cryptocurrency investment and market capitalization reached $265 billion, with Dubai recording $6 billion in online bitcoin transactions, solidifying its position as a key hub for cryptocurrency businesses.
  • RadiantBiz's team of professionals is dedicated to supporting new entrepreneurs and startups, facilitating business operations not only in Dubai but also across the emirates. Beyond licensing assistance, we offer a range of services to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of your cryptocurrency business, all geared towards meeting your needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our service package includes:

  • Setting up your company in Dubai and the UAE.
  • Obtaining a business trade license for your company.
  • Securing a cryptocurrency license in Dubai.
  • Opening your corporate bank account.
  • Providing guidance on any legal issues related to your business.
  • Assisting with ongoing business operations such as tax and accounting matters.

With RadiantBiz, you can navigate the complexities of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Dubai with confidence, knowing you have expert support every step of the way.

When was Cryptocurrency Legalized in the UAE ?

The UAE is set to become the global hub for cryptocurrencies and many experts believe that the country is promoting and adopting virtual currencies. The legalization of cryptocurrency came into effect on Match 11, 2022. The announcement was made by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid who said that adopting these laws will establish UAE’s position in the sector.

Why do you need a cryptocurrency license in Dubai?

  • If you want to start a cryptocurrency trading company in Dubai, you must get something called a "crypto trade license." It falls under the category of a "commercial license." This special permission is necessary for all the business activities related to buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Dubai.
  • The term "cryptocurrency" refers to digital currencies like Bitcoin. To trade these digital coins in Dubai, you need the crypto trade license. This license allows you to engage in various cryptocurrency trading activities in the city.

Types of Cryptocurrency Licenses Available in Dubai

In Dubai, various free zones offer specialized cryptocurrency licenses to accommodate different business activities. Here are the key types of cryptocurrency licenses available:

  • DMCC Crypto License: The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) offers two types of licenses:
    • Cryptocurrency Trading License: Allows businesses to engage in cryptocurrency trading activities.
    • Distributed Registry License: Permits businesses to operate distributed ledger technology platforms.
  • IFZA Crypto License: The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) in Fujairah supports cryptocurrency businesses by facilitating commercial activities involving crypto assets, such as exchange and storage.
  • DAFZA Crypto License: Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) permits the trading of cryptocurrencies and related services. It provides a flexible legislative framework and regulatory support for cryptocurrency trading activities.
  • ADGM Crypto License: Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) is a financial free zone that offers comprehensive regulations for cryptocurrency transactions. Its license covers various activities, including cryptocurrency exchange, storage, buying, selling, and asset management.
  • DWTC Crypto License: Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) is a free zone dedicated to virtual assets and blockchain industries. It collaborates with the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) and has partnered with Binance to establish itself as a regional cryptocurrency hub.

Each of these free zones provides specific licensing options tailored to the requirements of cryptocurrency businesses operating within the UAE. Depending on the nature of your business activities, you can choose the most suitable licensing option offered by these free zones.

Requirements for Start a Cryptocurrency Trading Business in UAE

Launching a cryptocurrency business in the UAE demands adherence to specific requirements to ensure compliance and security. Here are the key prerequisites:

  • Security Measures: Emphasize the security and safeguarding of virtual assets and customer data. Implement advanced encryption technology, multifactor authentication, and stringent access control measures to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Founder Documentation: For obtaining a crypto exchange license in Dubai, all founders must furnish copies of their passports. This documentation is essential for regulatory compliance and due diligence processes.
  • AML/CFT Compliance: Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations is mandatory. This involves conducting thorough customer registration and identification procedures, including identity verification, document collection, and criminal background checks.
  • Financial Reporting: Ensure accurate and timely reporting of financial data and operational information as stipulated by the regulatory authority. Maintaining transparency through comprehensive financial reports is crucial for regulatory oversight and control over cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Audits and Compliance Reviews: Regular audits and compliance reviews conducted by regulatory agencies such as the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) are standard practice. Adherence to all regulatory requirements is paramount, as violations or deficiencies may lead to penalties, operational restrictions, or license revocation.
  • Financial Resources: Companies must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover operating expenses for a period of six to twelve months. This financial stability ensures continuity of operations and regulatory compliance.

By fulfilling these requirements, cryptocurrency businesses can establish a solid foundation in the UAE market, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering trust among stakeholders.

What is the Cost of a Crypto License in Dubai?

Investors seeking to venture into the cryptocurrency market in Dubai must be aware of the minimum cost associated with obtaining a crypto license. The pricing typically ranges between AED 21,500* to AED 35,5000*, subject to variations based on applicable laws and the selected free zone.

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    Steps to apply for a crypto license in Dubai

    • 1. Register Your Business Entity and Choose a Name For your Crypto Currency Business in Dubai:

      The first thing you need to do is to create a legal entity for your business and give it a name. This means getting your company pre-registered in Dubai and coming up with a unique name for it. If you're unsure about this process, you can seek assistance from experts like RadiantBiz.
    • 2. Choose a Jurisdiction and Understand Licensing Requirements For your Crypto Currency License in Dubai:

      Once your business is registered and named, you'll need to decide where you want to base your operations. This could be in a free zone or on the mainland. It's recommended to consider the Dubai Commodity and Commodity Center (DMCC) as a free zone. After you've chosen your location, you'll need to understand the licensing requirements for operating a cryptocurrency business in Dubai. RadianBiz can help you with this process and assist you in obtaining the necessary licenses.
    • 3. Open a Corporate Bank Account:

      While you're working on the registration and licensing process, it's essential to open a corporate bank account for your business. You'll need to deposit the minimum authorized capital required for obtaining a crypto license in the UAE.
    • 4. Gather Required Documents & Obtain Your Crypto License:

      To get your cryptocurrency business licensed, you'll need to gather certain documents. This includes a business plan, financial plan, certified documents of the founders, and AML/CFT policies. RadiantBiz legal team can assist you in preparing all the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth licensing process. Finally, to legally operate your cryptocurrency business in the UAE, you'll need to obtain a crypto license. This involves complying with the requirements and procedures set by regulatory authorities like the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), and the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). RadianBiz will support you throughout this process, helping you complete all necessary procedures to apply for a UAE crypto exchange license.

    How to Get a Crypto License in Dubai?

    Download the application for a cryptocurrency license and complete it with the necessary details.

    Submit the application to the appropriate jurisdiction where you intend to establish your business.

    Pay the processing fee to the authorities to finish the payment process.

    Once all the necessary steps have been taken, the relevant authority will review your application and issue the cryptocurrency license for you.

    Overview of VARA

    Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), Dubai is in charge of regulating, supervising, and monitoring virtual asset and NFT issuance, offering, and relevant disclosure processes. Any person or legal entity that provides virtual asset services must have a VARA license.

    VARA, Dubai is the first government authority to embrace virtual assets in such a comprehensive way. It is developing a strong economic sector that will benefit the nation’s economy and attract talent from all over the world.

    What is the Procedure to Get a Cryptocurrency License in UAE?

    You can select from any of the following authorities to get your cryptocurrency license

    Steps that are mandatory while submitting an application for a crypto license in UAE :

    Why Radiantbiz is the Best Option for Cryptocurrency License in UAE?

    This license falls under the commercial sector. Crypto license is mandatory for any commercial trading related to crypto business. Trading of any crypto currencies, commodities or any activity related to distributed ledger technology services will come under cryptocurrency business and commerce in the UAE. Hence, this cryptocurrency license in Dubai allows you to conduct all other key cryptocurrency related business in Dubai.

    However, operating and acquiring a crypto license in UAE may be a daunting task.This is where the best business setup consultant in Dubai come into the picture. Radiantbiz has a deep grasp of the cryptocurrency market, enabling us to efficiently meet your demands and walk you through the process of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in UAE and launching a crypto business in Dubai, UAE.

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