22 August, 2023

How to Apply for Dubai Free zone License : Cost & Requirements

dubai free zone license : cost & requirements

Dubai’s free zones have been a major contributor to the Emirate’s success as a hub for trade and business. Businesses can benefit from a variety of services and features in Dubai’s free zones. This includes 100% foreign ownership, tax breaks, and simplified processes for licensing, permits, and company registration. Getting the right licence is one of the most crucial steps for Dubai Free zone company . This blog will shed light on the various licences offered in Dubai’s free zones, their advantages, and the procedures needed to get them.

This blog helps you better decide if they should establish their businesses in Dubai’s free zones. It will also help you make sure that you have the necessary licences to start your company in one of the Dubai free zones legally.

Types of licenses in Dubai Free Zones

A variety of licenses are available in the free zones of Dubai to accommodate various company types and sectors. In Dubai free zones, a few of the most popular license kinds are as follows:

  • Trade License: A trade license helps businesses import, distribute and export goods. This includes domestic and global trading. It is the best choice for companies that conduct trading operations.
  • Service License: A service license allows businesses to offer their services domestically and abroad. Businesses providing consulting and other professional services should use this license.
  • Industrial License: It lets businesses carry out manufacturing and industrial operations. It is the best choice for companies that manufacture, assemble, or package goods.
  • E-commerce License: An e-commerce license enables businesses to conduct online trade and e-commerce operations. It is the perfect choice for companies who conduct business online.
  • Media License: A media license allows businesses to perform media-related operations including publishing, broadcasting, and advertising.
  • Freelance License: freelance license enables people to operate as consultants or freelancers within the UAE without having to establish a legal business entity.

Documents required for a Freezone license in Dubai

The exact documents that you are required to submit depend on the freezone where you apply  paperwork needed to apply for a Dubai Freezone licence might change based on the freezone in question and the kind of company activity. Documents Required for Company Incorporation :

  • 3 name options for the company
  • Color Passport copy (for all shareholders)+special page(if applicable)
  • Passport Photograph (for all shareholders)
  • Home Country Address (for all shareholders)
  • Father’s name (for all shareholders)
  • Mother’s name (for all shareholders)
  • Contact Number (for all shareholders)
  • Email (for all shareholders)
  • Address Proof

Steps to get a Dubai Free zone license

There are a few steps that need to be followed in order to get your freezone license in Dubai. The basic steps you need to follow are mentioned below –

  •  Business Activity – You need to decide the business activity you want to conduct before you proceed with the steps. This will help you determine the freezone where you can set it up. Since only specific activities are permitted in the free zones, you need to make sure that you are clear with the activity you want to do.
  • Choose a free zone: There are over 20 free zones in Dubai, you must choose a free zone that fits your business seeks and activities. You need to research and know if the business activity you want is being done in the freezone you are planning to setup in.
  • Get pre-approvals: Pre-approvals from other governmental organisations if necessary for your business activity.
  • Get your license: Once you have paid your fees for the license and gotten all the necessary approvals, you can get your licence and get started with your company.

What is the cost of getting a Dubai free zone license?

The cost of getting a Dubai freezone license depends on your needs and specific wants. This is why it is essential to consult an expert before you get started. You can fill your details in our cost calculator to get the value of your business setup in Dubai Freezone. Estimate your budget and get started with the business of your dreams in Dubai.

How can RADIANTBIZ help you get your free zone license?

Getting Dubai free zone license with the help of one of our  business setup consultants can be extremely beneficial. Free zones provide many advantages to entrepreneurs establishing their company here. A reduced corporate tax rate and an exemption from income taxes, import and export taxes, and other taxes are some of these.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to acquire a free zone licence. Obtaining a license without experience or research may even be difficult. This is why you need guidance from a company setup consultant. Business setup consulting companies like RadiantBiz specialise in assisting business owners and entrepreneurs with the formation of their organisations in free zones. They contribute to the process being speedier, more simplified, and more effective.

A business setup consultant can offer a variety of services to help you set up your business in the UAE. These services include selecting the best free zone for your company, managing the documentation, and obtaining government approvals on your behalf. Moreover, they can help you obtain the necessary permissions and licences for your business as well as compliance management services for starting a business in a free zone.

By managing the free zone setup procedures, a business setup consultant can help you save time and effort and let you concentrate on expanding your business. Also, they can help you in ensuring that your business complies with all rules and laws, reducing any potential hazards.