22 August, 2023

Emirates ID: The Essential Identification Card for UAE Citizens

emirates id status

In order to verify your identity in the UAE, you must first obtain an Emirates ID. Making sure you live in the UAE is simple and trouble-free is crucial. With the aid of an Emirates ID, you can take advantage of services offered in the UAE. You will need it if you visit the UAE.

You must ensure that your Emirates ID is current and authentic. It is crucial to confirm your Emirates ID status. This article considers procedures to ensure how to verify the state and authenticity of your Emirates ID.

How do you get your Emirates ID?

When applying for your Emirates ID, you are provided with a number. This ID will be valid for as long as your visa is in effect. You can get your ID through ICA smart services which is a government service. Here, you need to enter the necessary information for proof and specify the arrival and departure dates. You can find out when the ID will reach you by checking the progress of your Emirates ID application status.

How can you apply for your Emirates ID?

An application for the Emirates ID can be given when applying for a visa. You can take help from a business setup consultant like RadiantBiz. Our experts work hard to ensure that the business setup is easy for you.

Procedure for applying

Individuals must complete a simple application process in order to receive an Emirates ID. Involved steps are as follows:

  • Complete the application form: To obtain an application form for an Emirates ID, go to the official EIDA website or one of their authorised locations. Accurately and legibly fill out all relevant fields.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Make a time slot to visit an EIDA location to submit your application and provide biometric information like fingerprints and a photo.
  • Show up for the appointment: A passport-sized photo, evidence of identity, and proof of residency must all be brought to the EIDA centre on the scheduled date.
  • Pay the Fees: Pay the required fees for applying for an Emirates ID, which vary based on the applicant’s age and the ID’s validity period. Your fingerprints and a photo will be taken during the visit in order to collect your biometric data.
  • Wait for your Emirates ID: You will be notified to pick up your Emirates ID from the designated EIDA centre after a few weeks.

It’s crucial to remember that the application procedure may vary for each individual, so it’s best to visit the EIDA website or get in touch with their customer support for the most recent details.

What is the cost of an Emirates ID?

Your visa will include the price of an Emirates ID. As a result, it depends on a number of factors. You can enter your information in our cost calculator to receive the price for everything you need and find out how much your Emirates ID will normally cost.

What are the requirements of an Emirates ID?

The steps listed below must be completed in order to obtain an Emirates ID-

  • Entry Permit: You must have an entry permit in order to enter the country and apply for a resident visa. The entry permit is available online and is valid for 60 days.
  • Medical Exam: This is a necessity for getting your Emirates ID. You are tested for major illnesses, and if one of them is suspected, a more thorough examination is required. If you test positive for any of the major illnesses like AIDS, Hep B, or tuberculosis, you may not be given an ID.
  • Apply for an Emirates ID: You must submit an application for your Emirates ID to the FAIC together with the relevant paperwork and identity proof.
  • Stamping of UAE visas: The UAE visa is stamped on your passport. They have a three-year validity, and there is a cost associated with them. The duration of your Emirates ID should match the duration of your residency permit.

Benefits of Emirates ID

  • Identification and Residency Proof: The Emirates ID acts as an official document that certifies a person’s identity and place of residence, obviating the need to carry numerous identification documents.
  • Access to Government Services: Citizens who have an Emirates ID are able to take advantage of a number of government services, such as healthcare, education, social assistance, and utility connections.
  • Facilitates Financial Transactions: Opening bank accounts, applying for loans, and engaging in other financial activities all require an Emirates ID in the UAE’s banks and financial organisations.
  • Simplifies Travel: Residents of the UAE can travel more easily by using the Emirates ID as a substitute travel document within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nations.
  • Increases Security: The Emirates ID has high-tech security measures that make it challenging to copy or tamper with. This guarantees the legitimacy and authenticity of the identification paper.

For people who live in the United Arab Emirates, the Emirates ID is a necessary document. It supports several governmental and commercial sector transactions and acts as identification and residency evidence. The Emirates ID is an essential tool for strengthening security, streamlining procedures, and enhancing the entire experience of people in the United Arab Emirates thanks to its sophisticated security features and a host of advantages.

It is crucial to comprehend the Emirates ID and its relevance whether you are a citizen, resident, or expatriate in the UAE. Visit the official EIDA website or contact their customer support to be informed about the most recent rules and specifications.

When can your Emirates ID be given to you?

Around 7–10 days after your visa application is approved, you can get your Emirates ID. Also, you may receive updates by SMS and check the status online. Emirates ID tracking online will assist you in monitoring the progress of your ID.

How do you use your Emirates ID?

It is important to have an Emirates ID to stay in the UAE. As it serves as your primary means of identification today, it is suggested that you have it on you at all times. It is important to make sure that your ID is updated and renewed. It is necessary for your stay and business setup in the UAE. It is also needed to set up a corporate bank account and avail other services in the UAE.

How can you check if your Emirates ID is valid?

There are a few steps that need to be followed to check the status of your Emirates ID. This step is essential to make sure that no issues arise in the future, especially related to your residence. It can be done by visiting the FAIC website . Follow these steps to check your Emirates ID card status.

1. Visit FAIC website and click on “check ID status”
2. Fill your ID number that you have received from the concerned authorities
3. See your application status online

You can also call the authorities to get your ID status.

When do you have to renew your Emirates ID?

To avoid a fine, you must renew your ID within a month of its expiration. When your visa has been renewed, you must complete the renewal form and submit it to the appropriate authority. You may also check the status of your Emirates ID renewal online.

Can an Emirates ID be cancelled?

Yes, if necessary, you can have your Emirates ID cancelled. You must return the card and provide your passport for visa cancellation.

How can RadiantBiz help you get your Emirates ID?

There are a few easy steps you must take in order to obtain an Emirates ID. It may, however, appear a little confusing and complicated to individuals who are new to the nation. When this happens, you should contact a trusted business consultant to make sure you are following the right steps and not skipping any stages. This will help you in preventing application rejection and ensuring that you receive your Emirates ID quickly and easily.

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