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In the realm of navigating the dynamic landscape of business, we take immense pride in our ability to transform the seemingly unattainable into tangible achievements. At the heart of this remarkable capability is our exceptional team of seasoned banking professionals. Their wealth of knowledge and depth of experience have been pivotal in crafting an extensive array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, spanning banking solutions, trade finance intricacies, and comprehensive company setup services. Central to our approach is a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence in consultancy. Our team is resolute in their dedication to guiding clients through every facet of their financial endeavors. We firmly believe that the true measure of our success lies in the results we generate, and this belief permeates every interaction and transaction. In essence, our narrative is one of dynamic engagement, fueled by the expertise of our professionals. The impossible is rendered possible, barriers are dismantled, and opportunities are harnessed, all with the intention of empowering our clients' aspirations. This is the ethos that propels us forward, shaping a future where innovation meets practicality and where our clients' ambitions are not just realized, but exceeded.

The Faces of Our Senior Leadership


Rizwan Ansari

CEO & Founder

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Gayatri Pandey

General Manager

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Vandana Bisht

Manager - Business Setup

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Niharika Premnath

Manager - Business Setup

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Mohammad Shariq

Manager-Banking & Compliance

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Mohammad Zainul Abedeen

Public Relations Officer

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Anjali Jawahar

Manager Operations

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Manager Operations

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Accounting & Bookkeeping - Manager

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Abdul Rehman

Business Operation - Manager

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Abraham Vinslay

Business Operations

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Danish Alam

Business Consultant

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Irfan Khan

Business Consultant

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Gaurav Pant

Manager - Digital Marketing

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