15 January, 2024

Meydan Free Zone : Costs, Process & Activities Required

meydan free zone

Meydan Free zone

Meydan Free Zone in Dubai is a vibrant business destination, perfect for entrepreneurs and companies looking to grow. Located strategically, it offers easy access to global markets. This zone caters to various business activities, providing flexibility for different business models. It’s known for cost-effective solutions, making it ideal for both startups and established firms. The setup process is hassle-free, ensuring a smooth business setup in Dubai. Meydan Free Zone is not just a location; it’s a thriving community of growth and opportunity.

License Types offered by Meydan Free Zone Company

meydan free zone company
Starting a business in Meydan Free Zone, Dubai? Choosing the right business activity is crucial! If you pick something that doesn’t fit well, it might harm your business’s success. With over 1,500 options in Meydan Free Zone, finding the right one can be challenging. But don’t worry! Business setup experts in Dubai are there to guide international investors in selecting the most suitable activity and getting the right trade license in UAE. Here’s a quick look at some key business activities you can find in Meydan Free Zone:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Construction
  3. Transportation & Storage
  4. Real Estate Activities
  5. Information and Communication
  6. Education
  7. Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
  8. Financial and Insurance Activities
  9. Accommodation and Food Service Activities
  10. Human Health and Social Service Activities
  11. Wholesale and Retail Trade
  12. Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
  13. Administrative & Support Services
  14. Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  15. Other Service Activities

Cost Of Business License In Meydan Free Zone

Are you planning to start your business in Meydan Free Zone, Dubai? Meydan Free Zone offers budget-friendly licensing options to fit your needs. For just AED 12,500, you can grab a license that includes up to three business activities. If you need a visa as well, the package is still affordable at AED 14,350. Need more visas for your team? Opt for the six-visa license package at a total cost of AED 23,600. These cost-effective options make setting up your business in Meydan Free Zone both easy and economical.

Steps to Setup a Company in Meydan Free Zone 

steps to setup a company in meydan free zone

Identify Business Activity:Choose your main business activity, like trading, services, or manufacturing.

Meydan Free Zone offers many options – pick one that fits your plan.

Decide on your business’s legal form (like Free Zone Establishment, Free Zone Company, or a branch office).

Select and Register Company Name:Pick a name that follows UAE rules and reflects your business.

Get the name approved by Meydan Free Zone Authority.

Application and Documentation:

Fill out the Meydan Free Zone company application form.

Create a business plan if needed.Gather required documents: passport copies, passport-size photos, application form, trade name proof, and initial approval for activities.

Legal Documents and Approval:Draft and sign the Memorandum and Articles of Association as per Meydan Free Zone rules.

Submit these documents to the Meydan Authority for approval.

Undergo necessary compliance checks.

Fee Payment and License Collection:After approval, pay fees like license, registration, and office lease fees.

Collect your company license from the Meydan Free Zone Authority.

Open a Corporate Bank Account:Open a bank account for your company. The Authority can suggest suitable banks.

Visa Process:

Apply for an entry permit if you’re outside the UAE, or adjust your status if you’re already in the UAE.

Complete a medical test and apply for an Emirates ID.Get your visa stamped on your passport.

Setting up your company in Meydan Free Zone is st

Documents Required for Meydan Free Zone Company Formation

documents required for meydan free zone company formation
Here’s a simplified guide to what you’ll need to ensure a smooth process:

    • Board Resolution: An official statement from your company’s board.
    • Passport Copies: Clear, color copies of the passport (every page) for all shareholders, managers, and directors. Make sure passports are valid.

Special Requirements Based on Nationality:

    • India: Include first and last page.
    • Pakistan: First and second page.
    • Sri Lanka: First and fourth page.
    • US: Include the special comment page.
    • Nepal: First and last page.
    • UAE: Add Family Book & Emirates ID Card copy.
    • Visa and Emirates ID: If applicable, copies for all shareholders, managers, and directors.
    • Parent Company Documents: If your business is part of a larger corporation, include these.

Must be notarized or attested by the authority where the parent company was established.
If in a foreign language, provide legal translations to English or Arabic.

    • Certificates: Include the Certificate of Formation/Incorporation and Certificate of Incumbency (issued within the last 3 months).

Memorandum and Articles of Association.
Ultimate Beneficial Owner Declaration Form.

  • Passport-size Photos: For all shareholders, managers, and directors.

Benefits of Meydan Free Zone

  • Hassle-Free Setup: Starting a business in Meydan Free Zone is straightforward, quick, and free from complications.
  • Full Support: The free zone authority offers comprehensive support for company formation, including networking, sourcing materials, and market access.
  • Affordable Options: Meydan is popular among expat entrepreneurs for its cost-effective solutions. Choose from various office spaces, including budget-friendly Flexi Desks.
  • Diverse Office Choices: There are multiple office space options to fit different budgets, along with other reasonably priced services.
  • Vibrant Community: Benefit from a growing community of both expat and resident entrepreneurs, enhancing your business growth.
  • Industry Diversity: Companies in Meydan span various industries, offering innovative skills and services that can aid your business.
  • Third-Party Support: Expect seamless support from third parties for the smooth functioning of your business in Meydan.
  • Flexible Packages: Choose from different business setup packages, including options for multiple visas for an additional fee.
  • E-commerce Opportunities: Meydan offers special e-commerce options, allowing you to sell products through leading platforms in the UAE, overcoming geographical limitations.
  • Easy e-Commerce Setup: Obtain e-commerce operation approval by paying the required fee to the free zone authority.

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