Offshore Company in Dubai

What is Offshore Company in Dubai?

UAE is one of the most preferred places for business setup by entrepreneurs all over the world. With offshore setup facilities in Dubai, UAE, traders are becoming increasingly attracted to starting a business here. Due to regular reforms by the government in favor of traders, the demand for UAE Offshore business setup has increased manifold, making it one of the most popular preferences for new business setup in Dubai.

An offshore company is a type of international business entity that offers no or low tax benefits, as well as convenience and flexibility in conducting business. Offshore corporations that are registered in Dubai are permitted to have their offices in areas outside of the city.

The company set up in UAE offshore is easy process and gets done in a few weeks. Offshore companies can be established for international trading, holding companies, shipping company, owning real estate, registering copyright and patents as well as for international consulting services.

What are the steps to Setup an Offshore Company in UAE?

Setting up a business in UAE offshore is an easy process that lets you quickly get started with your venture. Follow the below mentioned steps to get started with your business in the UAE offshore:

  1. Select the name and business activity of the company – The name and the business activity of the company is selected with the involvement of law and trust.
  2. Document submission – The documents are submitted by law and trusted to the relevant authorities. This is done on behalf of the real owner of the company.
  3. Secure business premises – The business premises are secured and a tenancy contract is signed
  4. Corporate Bank Account – A  Corporate Bank Account in Dubai is opened on behalf of the client so that business operations can take place 
  5. Get a drafted MoA – A MoA is drafted with the help of the partner and approvals are taken from the relevant authorities. Other documents are also submitted for final approval so that a license can be issued.

Advantages of Setting up an Offshore Company in Dubai

We have talked about how the UAE offshore should be your priority for business setup. But what are the advantages of setting up a business in the UAE offshore? The advantages of business set up in the UAE offshore is as follows:

Quick and easy to setup

Flexible laws and no red tapping. Get rid of excessive bureaucracy or adherence to formalities.

Get corporate bank account

Setup your corporate bank account in UAE with your offshore company license in uAE.

100% repatriation

Get 100% profit repatriation to your native country and get tax benefits as well.

Tax exemption

get 100% tax exemption on personal or corporate income or gains.

Business privacy

There are no restrictions on foreign currency exchanges & money transfers.

Asset protection

Secured and protected investments and full investment security.

What are the documents needed for Business Setup in the UAE offshore?

Business setup in any jurisdiction requires a set of documents. The documents required for setup in the offshore are as follows:


Business Plan

You need to present a business plan for at least three years, along with name reservations and the type of business activity.


Bank Paperwork

You need to have an original bank reference letter or 6 monthly bank statements that are stamped by the bank.


Address Proof

You are required to present a valid proof of address that may include any utility bills that bears a credible address.


Shareholders Prerequisites

You are required to submit a CV of the shareholders along with their passport copies.

Limitations of UAE Offshore License

There are always two sides of a coin. The disadvantages of the UAE offshore company set up are as follows:

  • Restriction on trade boundaries- As an entrepreneur setting up in the UAE offshore, you cannot trade in the UAE mainland or free zone.
  • Restriction on business activities- The business activities that can be practised with an offshore company set up licence is lower than that in the UAE Mainland and some activities such as banking,etc. cannot be carried out.
  • No office space- You care not allowed to own an office space in the UAE
  • No visa provided- As an offshore business owner, you do not get the UAE visa issued.

Choose RadiantBiz for Offshore Company Formation

Dubai’s offshore licence offers firms a cost-effective regulatory environment with complete tax and tariff exemptions. Offshore company formation in Dubai is becoming a dream come true for every overseas investor thanks to excellent business financing infrastructure. RadiantBiz allows your firm to have numerous bank accounts in various currencies to do worldwide commerce.

We are providing effective solutions for your offshore set-up and banking hurdles. Contact our business setup consultants today to get started with your business set up in the UAE offshore.

What are the types of legal entities that can be Setup in the UAE Offshore?

There are 4 types of companies that can be set up in the UAE offshore. These are as follows:

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