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Why Dubai Offshore License?

Offshore company formation in Dubai provides a number of advantages, which is why many established firms outside of Dubai choose this option.

Dubai offshore license offers firms a cost-effective regulatory environment with complete tax and tariff exemption. Offshore company formation in Dubai is becoming a dream come true for every overseas investor thanks to excellent business financing infrastructure. Radiant allows your firm to have numerous bank accounts in various currencies to do worldwide commerce. We are providing effective solutions for your offshore set-up and banking hurdles.

What is Offshore Company in Dubai?

UAE is one of the most preferred places for business setup by entrepreneurs all over the world. With offshore setup facilities in UAE, traders are getting increasingly attracted to start a business here. Due to the regular reforms by the government in favor of the traders, the demand for UAE Offshore business setup has increased manifold making it one of the most popular preferences for business setup.

An offshore company is a type of international business entity that offers no or low tax benefits, as well as convenience and flexibility in conducting business. Offshore corporations that are registered in Dubai are permitted to have their offices in areas outside of the city.

The company set up in UAE offshore is easy process and gets done in a few weeks. Offshore companies can be established for international trading, holding companies, shipping company, owning real estate, registering copyright and patents as well as for international consulting services.

Advantages of Setting up an Offshore Business Entity

It is quick and simple to setup
It provides tax exemption
It provides privacy while doing business
It is a cheap way to get a corporate bank account in UAE
The owners do not have to register their names in any documents
100% repatriation to the home country

What are the Types of Offshore Companies that You Can Setup?


Company Limited by Shares

The shareholders’ liability to the company’s creditors is limited to the capital originally invested, i.e. the nominal value of the shares plus any premium paid in exchange for the company’s issuance of the shares. The word “Limited” or “Incorporated” or the abbreviation “Ltd” or “Inc” must be at the end of a limited company’s name.


Restricted Purposes Company

A Restricted Purposes Company (RPS) is a company created for the purpose of serving as a special-purpose vehicle. An RPS is a limited-by-shares company which specifies that it is a restricted-purpose company and the purpose or purposes for which it was formed. The company is bound by the restrictions on the operations indicated in the memorandum.


Segregated Portfolio Company

A Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) is a company limited by shares. The SPC may build up to ten segregated portfolios to separate the company’s assets and liabilities held within or on behalf of a segregated portfolio from the company’s assets and liabilities. The portfolios are incorporated if the registrar is satisfied with the company’s directors knowledge and experience.


Unlimited Company

An Unlimited Company (UC) is a company incorporated with or without share capital in which the members’ liability is not limited, i.e. its members are jointly and severally liable to meet any insufficiency in the company’s assets to enable the settlement of any outstanding liability in the event of the company’s formal liquidation.

Documents Needed to Form an Offshore Company in Dubai


Business Plan

You need to present a business plan for at least three years, along with name reservations and the type of business activity.

Bank Paperwork

You need to have an original bank reference letter or 6 monthly bank statements that are stamped by the bank.


Address Proof

You are required to present a valid proof of address that may include any utility bills that bears a credible address.

Shareholders Prerequisites

You are required to submit a CV of the shareholders along with their passport copies.


Benefits Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Asset Protection after Offshore company registration in Dubai
Secured and protected investments and full investment security.
Profit Maximization and tax minimization
Get maximum profit and be exempted from taxes.
Exemption from all kinds of local taxes (personal, corporate, professional)
100% tax exemption on personal or corporate income or gains 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
Ease of business operations and control
Flexible laws and no red tapping. Get rid of excessive bureaucracy or adherence to formalities.
Complete anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy in operations
Anonymity, confidentiality and privacy maintained in various operations.
Intellectual property rights
Intellectual property rights like as patents, trademarks, and copyright are all examples of intellectual property rights that may be licenced.
Frequently Asked Questions


What is offshore license?

An offshore license is the license that enables you to open an offshore company. By opening an offshore company, you get to trade outside the city you are setup in and maintain privacy as well.


What is Offshore Company Formation?

An offshore company is one that is incorporated in a jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction that constitutes its main place of operations or where the company's principal investors reside. In a broader sense, offshore simply means a jurisdiction other than your own


What are the benefits of an offshore company?

Advantages of offshore companies 1. Privacy. 2. Asset protection. 3. Reduced tax liability. 4. Protection against lawsuits. 5. Flexible business laws. 6. Ease of operation. 7.Confidentiality.


Are offshore accounts ethical?

When you follow the rules, offshore banking is perfectly legal, and it gives you the means to better protect your assets against economic and government turmoil while giving you a higher level of currency diversification and financial strength


Is it possible to receive UAE residency visa over Dubai Offshore company?

No. This is one of the main differences of Dubai Offshore company to onshore company. Offshore companies do not provide the possibility to receive residency visas over such companies.


How do i set up an offshore company in UAE?

To setup an offshore company in UAE, you have to follow a few steps of company registration. To avoid any type of chaos and mistakes take help from a company setup consultant like Radiantbiz. We at Radiant Biz strive to understand these unique precepts and provide expert and reliable consultation to our clients with updated laws and governing regulations, awareness of their rights, and cost-effective business solutions tailor-made to their business needs and budget.

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