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What is Corporate Banking and Why is It Important in Any Business?

Opening a Business bank account  is the next big thing that holds major importance for business setup in Dubai. It makes your financial transactions simple and is highly recommended for better maintenance of your business funds. Corporate banks in the UAE offer the facility of multi-currency accounts. A multi-currency account allows you to deal in multiple currencies which is very helpful for foreign investors as it reduces the overall transaction costs, and keeps your money transfers hassle-free.

What is Corporate Banking

Benefits of having a Business Bank Account in Dubai?

Opening a Business bank account provides numerous advantages for businesses.Here are some of the major benefits:

Business bank account Confidentiality


The banking system in the UAE is one of the safest in the world. You don’t need to worry about the privacy of your data when you open a business bank account in Dubai, UAE.

corporate bank account Secure transactions

Secure transactions

Banks in the UAE offer the utmost secure transactions for your business. You are always notified about your account updates and there is no possibility of any fraudulent activity taking place within the account.

business bank account Easy capital transfers

Easy capital transfers

If you are a foreigner doing business in the UAE, capital transfers and currency exchanges are a major part of your business. This becomes easy with a corporate bank account for your business.

corporate bank account Advanced services

Advanced banking services

Banks in the UAE are technically sound and provide you with a variety of services, including instant money transfers, credit cards, and online banking.

Steps For Opening a Company Bank Account in Dubai

It is essential to manage your finances in order to get your business going in the UAE. Here are the steps that you can follow to get your corporate bank account opened

  • Business license: To register your company in Dubai, obtaining a valid business license is a mandatory first step. Without a trade license, banks in Dubai will not recognize or allow you to open a corporate bank account.
  • Gather all the necessary documents: If you want open a corporate bank account in Dubai, certain documents must be submitted. These documents will be used as a proof of business and include details such as contracts and invoices.
  • Select a bank: Find the bank that provides the best services to you and meets the needs of your company. This can be done by doing all the research necessary.
  • Get approvals: Get approvals on your application form and the documents you have submitted to the bank in order to get your account opened.
  • Submit your application: Fill the application form provided by the bank and submit the same to proceed with the process.
  • Deposit the initial funds: Deposit the initial funds in your account and start using your account now to manage your company and funds.

Documents Required for Opening a Business Bank Account in Dubai

List of essential documents to open a corporate bank account in Dubai

  • A company trade license is essential so that the bank can recognize your business.
  • CV/Resume is needed to identify your past business experience, thus ensuring that it matches your upcoming business activities.
  • A copy of your passport and residency visa will ensure your nationality and legal entry into the respective country.
  • The bank would require legal company documents so that it can be assured of valid ownership of your current company.
  • A copy of Emirates ID will act as a validation document and be a part of the verification by the bank.
  • Utility bills are usually required as proof of address. This is important to keep a record of your address in the bank.
  • 6 months bank statements will be required as a guarantee that your financial statements are legal and do not contain any fraud.
  • The business plan will be required by the bank to get an idea of your business activities and financial plan.

Top Banks for Your Corporate Account Formation in UAE

There are plenty of banks to choose from in the UAE. Some of the top banks that you can prefer

First Abu Dhabi Bank

This bank was established by the merger of two banks. These banks were The National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank. The First Abu Dhabi Bank is regarded as the largest bank in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

With its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, this bank has the government of Abu Dhabi as a 65% stakeholder of the bank. This bank was formed by the merger of three banks. This merger took place in 1985.

Dubai Islamic Bank

It was founded in 1975. This bank’s practices are based on the principles of Islam. It is also regarded as the first of its kind bank and the largest islamic bank in the UAE. It has its headquarters in Dubai.

Emirates NBD

This bank was also made after a merger that took place in October 2007. This merger took place between the Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD). This created one of the largest groups in the UAE.

Commercial Bank of Dubai

This bank is headquartered in Deira, which is situated in Dubai. It was established in 1969 and provides a range of services. It is the 7th largest bank in the UAE, based on total assets. CBD is the 7th largest bank in the UAE, based on total assets.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

It is a public Joint Stock Company established on 20 May 1997. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and is the Shariah compliant lender. It provides personal, business, corporate and private banking services.

Choosing The Right Bank For Your Corporate Account

Choosing the right bank for your Business account is important for any business. There are certain factors that decide if you should go for one bank or the other.

Reputation of the Bank

The reputation of the bank has a great impact. Go for a bank with a good reputation when it comes to supporting the businesses that have opened their account there.

Additional Services

Keep an eye out for the services the bank offers. This can help you compare and know the best offers available.

Customer Service

It is essential that you choose the bank that helps you get the answer to all your queries and guides you through the process with their knowledge and expertise.

Fees and Charges

The banks charge fees that differ from one another. Make sure that you compare these charges when choosing your bank.

Challenges in Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

Opening a business bank account in Dubai is one of the most challenging tasks in the UAE. It is essential to adhere to the strict laws and follow the regulations set by the authorities.

  • Business history of the account holder– It is essential to have a good knowledge of the industry in which your business is being established before opening a bank account in Dubai.
  • Strict regulatory requirements – Many regulations have been put in place to ensure that there are no frauds and no money laundering takes place. It is essential to ensure strict compliance with the laws and regulations.
  • Residence visa – It is essential to have a residence visa to set up a company bank account in Dubai, UAE. The majority of banks require a local address as well.
  • Lack of physical office space – It is one of the primary requirements of the bank for the business to have an office space  for opening a business bank account in Dubai
  • Minimum bank balance requirements – There is a requirement for a minimum bank balance to get an account opened. This minimum fund differs for different banks.
  • High risk individuals – Individuals from high risk countries may find it difficult to open a bank account in the UAE. 
Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai
Corporate Bank Account in the UAE

What to Keep in Mind Before Opening a Corporate Bank Account in the UAE?

If you are planning to open a corporate bank account in the UAE, you should take certain points under consideration. These are

  • Reputation– Go for a bank that has a good reputation in the local market and the industry. Same is true for foreign branches as well. 
  • Compliance – The UAE has strict policies and it is therefore necessary to ensure that all the processes you do are legally complying. 
  • Banking fees – Banks charge fees for their services. Choose the bank that provides you with the best options for the fee you pay 
  • Documentation – Documents should be submitted correctly to ensure that your application is approved without any issues. 
  • Minimum Balance Requirements – Every bank in the UAE requires a minimum balance. Make sure that you check the minimum balance requirement before choosing your bank. 
  • Type of account – There are various types of accounts that are offered by various banks. Choose the account type after checking your requirements
  • Company registration –  Register your company so that you can apply for a corporate bank account since you are required to present your business license as a proof. 

Our Role as a Corporate Banking Consultant

RadiantBiz is a trusted name when it comes to reliable corporate banking services in the UAE. We will walk you through the corporate banking process for your business in the UAE because we have all the necessary skills and expertise.

Additionally, all banks in the UAE would require you to give them a pile of paperwork. Why don’t you let us take care of it? We provide completely transparent and easy processes for your corporate bank account and guarantee to provide the best guidance for choosing the best bank to meet your company’s demands.

  • We handle all your documentation and paperwork formalities as required by the bank.
  • With us, you get a hassle-free process while opening a business bank account in Dubai
  • Get the best assistance in making the right bank choice that caters to your business needs.
business bank account 360-degree assistance
360-degree assistance

We consider all factors for your business to assist you in a 360-degree manner in selecting the best bank.

corporate bank account Documentation preparation
Documentation preparation

With 15 years of experience in corporate banking, our in-house team will assist you in compiling all the documents required.

corporate bank account Compliance checks
Compliance checks

Overcome the challenges of compliance checks with our dedicated in-house compliance management team.

Virtual corporate banking in Dubai
Virtual corporate banking

We will help you plan everything while you are sitting in your home country. Our team will submit all the required documents to the banks on your behalf.

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