What is Will formation in UAE?

Will formation in Dubai refers to the process of creating a legally binding document that outlines
how a person's assets, properties, and belongings will be distributed after their death.
Will formation can be influenced by both English law and Sharia law, depending on the
nationality and religion of the individual creating the will.

1. English Law: Dubai, being a global hub, often sees expatriates from various countries
residing and working within its borders. For non-Muslim expatriates, especially those
from countries with common law traditions like the UK, English law may govern the
formation and execution of their wills. Under English law, individuals have considerable
freedom in determining the distribution of their assets upon death, provided that
certain legal formalities are met, such as having witnesses sign the will. English law
allows for flexibility in testamentary dispositions, including the ability to create trusts
and appoint executors.
2. Sharia Law (Islamic Law): For Muslim individuals, including Emirati nationals, Sharia law
governs matters of inheritance and will formation. Sharia law dictates specific rules
regarding inheritance, including fixed shares for certain relatives, such as spouses,
children, parents, and siblings. Under Sharia law, a Muslim's will must adhere to these
predetermined shares unless all heirs agree to an alternative distribution. Additionally,
Sharia law requires specific formalities for will execution, such as the presence of
witnesses and the mental capacity of the testator.
It's essential for individuals in Dubai to understand the implications of both English and Sharia law on will
formation and to seek legal advice to ensure their wills comply with applicable laws and accurately
reflect their wishes. Consulting with legal professionals like RadiantBiz who are well-versed in both legal
systems can help individuals navigate the complexities of will formation in Dubai effectively.
H1: Which Authority Offers Will Formation in Dubai?
In Dubai, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) offers a separate legal framework
known as the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry, which allows non-Muslim expatriates to register
wills under the DIFC jurisdiction, following English common law principles. This provides
expatriates with an alternative to having their wills governed by Sharia law.
Varieties of wills provided by the DIFC Wills Registry:
1. DIFC Full Will
2. DIFC Financial Asset Will
3. DIFC Guardianship Will
4. DIFC Property Will
5. DIFC Business Owners Will
H1: How can RadiantBiz help you prepare for your Will Formation in Dubai?
RadiantBiz can assist you in preparing for your will formation in Dubai by offering expert guidance and
support throughout the entire process. Here's how RadiantBiz can help:
1. Legal Expertise: RadiantBiz has a team of legal experts with in-depth knowledge of UAE laws and
regulations regarding will formation. They can provide you with personalized advice tailored to your
specific circumstances.
2. Document Preparation: RadiantBiz can assist you in drafting your will, ensuring that it accurately
reflects your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and the appointment of guardians, if
necessary. They will help you include all relevant details and instructions in the document.
3. Witnessing and Signing: RadiantBiz can arrange for the witnessing and signing of your will under
Dubai's legal requirements. They will ensure that the necessary formalities are met to validate the
4. Notarization and Registration: If desired, RadiantBiz can help you notarize your will and register it
with the Dubai Courts or the DIFC Wills Service Centre for added security and enforceability.
5. Ongoing Support: RadiantBiz provides ongoing support and assistance, including periodic reviews and
updates of your will to reflect any changes in your circumstances or preferences.
6. Consultation Services: RadiantBiz offers consultation services to help you understand the
requirements and implications of drafting a will in Dubai. They will guide you through the process,
answering any questions you may have and addressing your concerns.
Overall, RadiantBiz can streamline the process of will formation in Dubai, providing you with peace of
mind knowing that your wishes will be legally recognized and respected.

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