22 August, 2023

How to Get Investor Visa in Dubai 2023 : A complete guide

investor visa in dubai 2023

One of the most sought-after locations worldwide for living and working is Dubai. For a city of its size, Dubai is a brilliant example of ongoing development, technical innovation, economic expansion, and a high standard of living for all of its people and residents. So, it should not come as a surprise that so many people wish to live in this thriving city. Obtaining an investor visa in Dubai is one of the quickest ways to obtain a residence permit for Dubai.

Among overseas investors and business people looking to research markets for their projects, the UAE, notably Dubai, scores highly. This is as a result of Dubai’s growth-centric strategy. The Dubai government is continually trying to update and introduce laws and policies that support social and economic growth. As a result, laws and regulations governing Dubai investor visas benefit and promote business owners and investors.

What is an Investor Visa?

Depending upon the purpose of your visit, the UAE government issues several different types of visa. Investor Visa is one of the most popular forms of business visas in Dubai. It lasts for a long term and comes with incredibly less hurdles for any businesses as it is also called Dubai Partner Visa or Business Visa. This visa is only issued to those entrepreneurs and investors who have already set up their businesses in Dubai.

Qualifications to apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai

You can lawfully become an investor, an entrepreneur, or a shareholder in any company in Dubai and the rest of the UAE if you are 18 years old or older. As a result, you will be able to apply for a resident visa for the UAE.

The validity of the Dubai investor visa is three (3) years. Your medical examination, medical insurance, and Emirates ID must all be renewed every three years in order to maintain your investor visa.

Benefits of having a Dubai Investor Visa

There are benefits to starting your own business in Dubai and to becoming an investor. Here are a few advantages of an investor visa for the UAE:

  • Residency: A three-year Dubai resident visa is automatically granted to you if you have an investment visa that is valid for three years.
  • Sponsor family members: If you have an investor visa, you can apply for UAE residency on behalf of your immediate family. The members of your immediate family are your spouse, kids, and parents.
  • Travel facilitation: If you hold a Dubai investor visa, visiting any GCC nation for business or pleasure is relatively simple. Having investor status facilitates obtaining a travel visa for certain areas more quickly. A job visa does not ensure the same simplicity.
  • Validity of visa outside of country: If you have a Dubai investor visa, you are permitted to remain outside of the United Arab Emirates for a total of one (1) year without having your residence revoked. With dependent or employment visas, this is not the case. Your UAE resident visa will become invalid when the maximum six (6) months permitted by these visas have passed.
  • Long-term visa: Building a successful business endeavour while holding an investor visa will improve your chances of receiving theUAE Golden Visa. The Golden Visa, a 10-year UAE resident visa, was introduced in 2019 to promote corporate growth in the nation and to honour investors and company owners for their contributions to the economy.

How to attain a Dubai Investor Visa

There are two ways through which you can get a Dubai Investor Visa and they are:

  1. New company incorporation
  2. Proof of existing investments

New company incorporation

The easiest way to get an Investor Visa in Dubai is to register your company in the Dubai mainland. This registration gives you the right to be either the owner or the shareholder of the company all dependent upon the legal status of your business. After you’ve registered your company you must submit your application along with the following documents to the Dubai Immigration Department .

  • Copy of your Trade Licence 
  • Copy of your Local Service Agent Agreement or a legally attested company Memorandum of Association
  • Copy of your company establishment card
  • Document of cancellation of any existing Visa
  • Copy of your tourist or visitor visa

Steps to apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai

The actions below must be taken by anybody seeking an investment visa in Dubai:

submitting a company registration form to the Dubai Economic Department (DED)

    • Applying for an establishment card for your business
    • The process of applying for your visa’s in-country status modification, arriving in the UAE, and receiving your entrance permission (if you’re already there)
    • If you are already in the UAE, you can alter your visa status while there.
    • Getting your medical test done
    • Obtaining an Emirates ID
    • Obtaining appropriate health insurance
    • Stamping an investor visa in your passport

Your investor visa will take anything from 15 to 20 working days to process completely. This takes into account the time it takes to establish your new company in Dubai, obtain a commercial licence, apply for a visa, and have your investor visa stamped in your passport.

Proof of existing investments

The alternative method of obtaining an investor visa in Dubai does not entail setting up a new business. You merely need to provide the Dubai Municipality documentation of your investments there.

The Dubai Municipality will establish your file with the Economic Department if your request satisfies the qualifying requirements established by the UAE Government. You will then be given a reference file number by the Economic Department, on which the Dubai Municipality will base its NOC (No Objection Certificate) issuance. To apply for your Dubai investor visa, you must give the immigration service this NOC.

You must remember, nevertheless, that the government organisations determining your eligibility have the last say on whether to approve or deny your request.