8 June, 2024

How to Start Tax Consultancy Firm in Dubai?

start tax consultancy in dubai

Dubai offers favorable conditions for launching a business with its tax-free setting, helpful legal and commercial structure, and multiple free zones. The ideal business environment is very appealing to new startups, such as tax consulting companies. Setting up a tax advisory firm in Dubai has the potential to become a secure and lucrative business, with a wide range of clients and plenty of opportunities for expansion.

Steps to Set Up a Tax Consulting Firm in Dubai

Starting a tax consulting company in Dubai is a simple procedure. Although there are no particular legal obligations, improving your credibility and success can be achieved by earning relevant qualifications and becoming a member of local associations. Below are the essential actions to take:

1. Acquire Business Know-How

Develop a strong understanding of tax laws in Dubai. Think about enrolling in introductory classes to learn about tax preparation for individuals, and keep expanding your expertise to manage intricate tax matters. Moreover, it is important to conduct research on your competitors in order to grasp the market environment.

2. Get Legal Business License

Submit a business license application to the Department of Economic Development (DED). Sign up with the IRS in order to receive your Tax Identification Number. Having a certification in taxation from an accredited university is a requirement for conducting business legally in Dubai.

3. Make a Business Plan

Develop a thorough business and marketing strategy. Determine your target market, decide when to bring on employees, and establish goals for acquiring clients. Having a well-developed plan will give your business a clear path for achieving growth and success.

4. Register Your Business

If you intend to conduct business in the mainland, ensure to officially register your company with the DED. In this situation, you must have a local sponsor holding 51% of the business shares, with you keeping 49%. If you opt to establish your business in a free zone, make sure to adhere to the designated business setup protocols of that particular free zone, as they typically permit complete foreign ownership.

5. Acquire Clients

Begin by contacting your family and friends to establish your first set of clients. Networking is essential, therefore participate in local business communities and events. Make sure to offer great service in order to encourage positive recommendations, as word-of-mouth referrals are very impactful.

Dubai Outsource City Free Zone

The Dubai Outsource City Free Zone, along with other free zones in Dubai, are created to maximize the efficiency of business activities. This specific free zone lures top businesses and professionals in the consulting sector with its excellent service and infrastructure. Establishing your tax consultancy in this location offers the benefit of working in a tax-free zone with robust economic stability and legal protection.

Procedure to Set Up a Tax Consultancy in Dubai Outsource Free Zone

  • Pick a Trade Name: Select an exclusive trade name that adheres to the rules of the free zone and is distinct from any other local businesses.
  • Submit your application:  To register the company and obtain a Professional License from the Dubai Outsource Free Zone Authority by applying for registration.
  • Submit Documentation: Send in all necessary paperwork to the free zone authority and await their endorsement.

By registering your company in the Dubai Outsource Free Zone, you can take advantage of the favorable business conditions in the UAE, such as tax exemption, legal protection, and economic stability.


Starting a tax consulting company in Dubai comes with various advantages, such as a favorable business atmosphere and the opportunity for substantial expansion and financial success. By following these guidelines and utilizing the benefits of Dubai’s free zones, you can effectively set up and expand your tax consultancy venture.