22 August, 2023

How Can I Get an E-trader License in Dubai?

e-trader license in dubai

Are you an entrepreneur who is just getting started with their business and want to fulfill your dreams in the UAE? Do you want to know the prospects of E-trading/ E-commerce Business, and want to utilize it for your growth?

E- trading/ means to sell or provide your products online. This can be done at the comfort of your home with the help of many online and social media platforms. Websites and marketplaces can also be helpful for this.

What is an E- trader license in Dubai?

The E- trader license in Dubai helps entrepreneurs to get started with online trading. It is required to get a business started online. The license was introduced by the DED (Department of Economic Development). It allows you to operate your business online. The license was launched in 2017. It is issued by the municipal authorities of the respective emirates in the UAE.

It is good for people who want to get started from the comfort of their home and do not want to buy or rent a physical office place.

Types of E-Trading Licenses

You can choose from two types of e- trading licenses that you can choose from in Dubai. These are-

  • Commercial license
  • Professional license

An expat can apply for a professional license only. This means that as an expat you cannot trade, manufacture or sell products. Get started with your E- trader license today with our professional team (cost calculator).

Who can register for the E-trader license?

There are some requirements that need to be met when you are applying for a Dubai E-trader license. These are below mentioned-

  • 21 years or older people can apply
  • You should be registered with DED.
  • You should be a UAE official or GCC citizen or UAE resident.
  • Has an emirates ID to assure that they are a resident or a GCC citizen
  • Passport copies need to be provided.
  • Separate approvals from respective DED authorities are needed to sell in other Emirates.

What are the requirements for license for expats?

Being an expat, you need to get the UAE residence visa since it is not possible to apply otherwise. Thus it is essential that you obtain a residence visa first.

You can easily get the visa through employment or by owning a business in the emirate. You can also obtain a visa when you are sponsored. The eligibility depends on obtaining the residence permit.

What are the benefits of getting an E-trader license in the UAE?

 The benefits of getting an E-trader license are as follows-

  • You get your name registered
  • Flexible marketing for traders
  • Upload sample and products easily
  • Easy promotions
  • Access to everything at the comfort of home
  •  Convenient for buyers
  • Online transactions are possible
  • Help the consumers build trust on the brand
  • Saves money for startup
  • Helps businesses who have a better chance at making money online to succeed.
  • Attend training sessions by DED
  • It helps strengthen the economy
  • It helps expand the reach
  • It increases the convenience

How to apply for an E-trader License in the UAE?

The steps you need to take to get an E-trader License are mentioned below-

  • Get in touch with a business setup consultant such as RadiantBiz.
  • Provide the necessary details- Provide your details such as your emirates ID number, email address or mobile number since these will be used for your identification and for contacting you.
  • Pay the required fee–  You will receive a payment form. It is important to pay the fees within 24 hours after you get the form. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of payment form. Dubai Chamber of Commerce membership also needs to be purchased by paying a nominal fee along with the main fee paid.
  • Get the social media accounts that you will use, registered- To get registered, give the details of your social media accounts that you will be using for your business so that they can be verified as well. If you don’t have a domain name or website yet, RadiantBiz can create it for you.
  • Present all the documents– Present all the required documents such as your emirates ID , passport copies and other relevant documents to the authorities.
  • Obtain your license- Once, all the requirements are fulfilled, you can get your license within a week. After this you can get started with your business online.

What is the cost of obtaining an E – trader license in the UAE?

Like any other license, there are many variables that determine the fee that is to be paid for getting an E-trader license in the UAE. Therefore, the fee required changes according to your needs and wants. To get an estimate of the cost needed, fill in your details in the RadiantBiz cost calculator and we will help  you out with an estimate. With our cost calculator, you can now set your budget and plan beforehand.

Who should apply for an E-trader license in the UAE?

If your residency status is valid, then you can apply for this license. It may be more convenient for people who want to work at the convenience of their home and want to start a business but do not have enough funds. It can also be beneficial for freelancers who are looking for projects that suit their skill sets and interest areas.

How can RadiantBiz help you in obtaining an E-trader license?

RadiantBiz is one of the most recognised and trusted company setup consultants in  Dubai. We have over 12 years of experience and experts who are proficient in the work they do. With our years of experience, we make sure that your needs are kept first. We provide tailor made strategies for everyone and make sure that you get the right foundation for your business. Contact us to get started with your business setup and consult with our business setup experts in Dubai.