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About Business License in Dubai Mainland

Dubai has always been the top choice for international investors who are looking to start a new business or expand an existing one. This is because of it’s prime location and connectivity to all the major countries worldwide. Dubai mainland is a very popular location throughout the UAE, when it comes to setting up a business in the Emirates. The Mainland Business Setup Dubai should be on the top of your list if you are a budding entrepreneur, because it offers a flexible legal system as per the UAE government policies.

The Dubai mainland symbolizes the most developed economies that are efficient at offering resources needed to carry out smooth business activities. However, you need to obtain a license to begin with the Mainland Business Setup Dubai. The license can be acquired from the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai.

mainland company formation in dubai

More About Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Earlier, to establish a mainland business in Dubai, one needed to comply with the law that UAE nationals must hold at least 51 percent of the shares in the company.
However, this law changed in June 2021, when the Ministry of Economy, UAE made amendments to the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) which allowed international investors and entrepreneurs to hold 100% Ownership in Dubai Mainland, without having a UAE national as a shareholder. This clears the path for the emerging businesses to now fully own their Dubai mainland business setup.

Although the process of mainland company formation in Dubai also included several additional steps where the applicants had to satisfy many strict requirements to register for the foreign ownership exemptions. For example – acceptable share capital funds, employment of UAE nationals etc.

Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

100% Ownership in Dubai Mainland
Foreigners can have 100% ownership in Dubai Mainland, Which means no Emirati or any local UAE national is required at the time of business registration.
No Limit on Visa
Unlike other activities, there is no limit on visa applications for business owners in Dubai Mainland.
Strategic Location
When it comes to the Middle East, the UAE proves to be a vital position. It allows business investors to enter other GCC nations and aids in the expansion of commercial activity.
Tax exemptions
100% tax exemption on personal or corporate income or gains.100% repatriation of capital and profits.
Easy Import & Export
Easy access to neighboring and global markets by land, sea and air to help with the business
Ability to Apply for UAE Govt. Contracts
Companies with mainland licenses can apply for UAE government contracts & can work on Government projects.

How Can I Register for Mainland Company in Dubai

Select business activities
Choose an appropriate legal form.
Register your trade name.
Request for initial approval.
Drafting a MOA (Memorandum of Association) and local service agent agreement.
Choose preferred business location.
Acquire all the necessary government approvals./div>
Submit your paperwork/document to the respective authorities.
Pay the license fee for company formation in Dubai mainland
Get trade license from Department of Economic Development (Dubai) within 24 hours.

Amendment of Mainland Business License in Dubai

With the new amendments issued by the UAE government, we can conclude that the emerging companies that are looking to start their business in Dubai, can now hold a 100% Ownership in Dubai Mainland. Therefore, any foreign or local individual can now fully own a mainland business setup in Dubai.

What are the Key Points to be Remembered?

Here is a list of all the major changes in the latest amendment of the ownership law-

The law issued by the UAE cabinet now permits 100% foreign ownership of the onshore companies located on the UAE mainland.

Now any joint stock business can sell 70% of its shares in an IPO (Initial Public Offering). This was 30% earlier.

Shareholders now have the right to take legal action in the court if the enterprise participates in an activity that causes the company to lose money.

All the company meetings are now no longer necessary to be officiated by an Emirati. Hence it is open to all expatriates.

The annual general meetings can now include a new way of voting, i.e. the electronic voting (due to the pandemic).

If leading officers or company chairpersons abuse their power, they can be removed from their positions.

Importance of 100% Foreign Ownership in Dubai Mainland

The UAE aims to put a positive spin on its already established appeal as a global market for foreign investment firms, businesses, startups from around the world by eliminating the existing obstacles and widening the economy.

These are some of the future aspects that the UAE government is trying to achieve in the coming years-

Building a favorable legal environment for business establishment in the UAE , so that it may aid in the ease of doing business and the overall economy of the country.
Making sure that the future of the economy is safe and secure by increasing investment and commercial opportunities for foreign investors.
Meeting the demands of the UAE business community as they uplift the country’s appeal to expat investors, businesses, startups, and other entities.


What is Mainland Company in Dubai?

Mainland companies in Dubai are also known as onshore companies, its license is issued by Department of Economic Development, Dubai. Under Mainland company formation in Dubai, one can sell products all over UAE & also can export goods to other countries.


Is it easy to setup Mainland company in Dubai?

Mainland company formation in Dubai is easy process when you have a good and experienced business setup consultant like Radiantbiz. The process involves documentation and approval from concerned authorities.


How do I start company in Mainland Dubai?

If you need mainland license in Dubai, All you have to do is to contact Radiantbiz and we will help you in company formation in Mainland Dubai. And yes, Physical presence of Directors/Share holders is required in Dubai.


Why you need local sponsor in UAE?

If you want to start any business which doesn’t allow foreigners to have 100% ownership then you need local sponsor. Finalising a local sponsor is also a big task and Radiantbiz helps client in finalising the best local sponsor for mainland company formation in UAE.


How long will it take to obtain our license?

If your documentation gets approved and verified by the concerned authorities, you will receive you license within 2 working days.


What are the advantages of a mainland company formation in Dubai?

Flexibility to do business in any part of the UAE with local and government authorities. No limit on number of visas (depending on the size of the office space) Office premises anywhere in mainland Dubai. More options on business activities.


What are the documents required for company formation in mainland?

Passport copy of Directors/ Shareholders, Company Name & Passport size photograph of all the shareholders/Directors are required for company formation in Mainland.


Can I Own 100% ownership in Dubai mainland?

Yes, As per new amendments made to the company’s commercial law. Foreigners can now own 100% ownership in Dubai mainland.

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