22 August, 2023

How To Move To Dubai : Ultimate Guide for Indians

guide for indians to move dubai

Dubai is one of the most preferred cities worldwide for those who want to grow in business and investment. People from all over the world come here to get settled, regardless of their age group. But why should you consider moving to Dubai from India? And how should you proceed with this move? We have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding moving to Dubai from India in this blog. Read further to get the essential information.

Dubai is a preferred location for many people who are planning to move and expand their businesses and other parts of their lives. These people include a large population from India. The business and expat friendly environment of Dubai is one of the major reasons why people feel a pull towards this place. Additionally, all the facilities provided here are the best and top notch. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

But are you aware of the basics that you need to take care of when you plan to move to this city? You need an insight into the rules and regulations, taxes, business setup procedures, visa procedures, healthcare, and various other topics.

How is moving to Dubai from India beneficial for you?

There are many reasons which can be taken into consideration for moving to Dubai, but the major ones are stated below-

  • Diverse economy- The economy of Dubai is diverse. Every business gets a lot of development and growth opportunities here due to the equally diverse population and market.
  • Business friendly environment- The city of Dubai is business friendly for those setting up here. The rules and regulations are so formed that setting up a business here is an extremely easy and simple procedure. The taxes and the location add to the ease of doing business here.
  • High standards of living- The standards of living in Dubai are higher than that at most of the other places. The city is well developed with all the facilities that ensure that you get everything and every service you want on time.
  • Attractive opportunities- The emirate is a place of ever growing opportunities. Whether it is business, lifestyle, education or any other sector. The growth of the city makes it ideal for those who want to grow with it by stepping out of their comfort zone.
  • Strategic location- Dubai is located strategically in an ideal way for trade. It is well connected to the entire world through air, land and water routes.

What are the main factors that should be considered before moving my business from India to Dubai?

Research is the first step to take before making any major change. Research the market, competition, opportunities, ties, and rules and regulations before moving here. It is essential to know that when you are moving your business to Dubai, you will need to obtain visas for yourself and your dependents. The number, process, and cost depend on your personal needs and choices.

After obtaining your required visa, you will have to register your business and get a licence in your desired location for your business activity. All these decisions can be taken with the help of a company setup consultant to ensure that no mistakes are made. Make any essential transfers of things essential for your business.

You can finally hire the staff for your business, get an office space and interact with people in the industry. The entire process of moving to Dubai with your business needs a lot of consideration and strategy making.

What are the types of visas that you can opt for?

The visas that you can choose from are as follows-

  • Golden visa
  • Green visa
  • Business visa
  • Family visa
  • Student visa
  • Retirement Visa

What are the tips for moving to Dubai?

Moving to Dubai can be a key step in your life and for your family as well as your career. The culture of the place, traditions and practices are quite different. This is also true for laws, lifestyle and cost of living. It is therefore important to wisely choose the location for your business and living to ensure that every factor is in your favour and budget.

The necessities connected with residing in Dubai are as follows-

  • Housing- The housing location is one of the most important points to consider. You need to know if you want to rent a place or buy it. The locality should also be considered carefully as they determine the cost of housing and the cost of living as well since some places offer expensive services compared to others localities.
  • Health care- People from different parts of the world come to dubai to avail its healthcare facilities. These facilities are top notch and can be affordable in the public sector. The insurance also covers all the major diseases and can be used even in private sectors.
  • Education- Education in Dubai is of high quality and people come here to study from all over the world. The cost differs according to the institution selected and the course undertaken.
  • Transport- The transport facilities in UAE also vary depending on the mode of transport. While public transports can be affordable, private ones can be extra expensive.
  • Food and groceries- The cost of food and groceries depends on the choices and eating habits of the purchaser. Organic food costs more than others and locally grown food can cause lower prices as well. Shopping wisely is the key.
  • Other living expenses- There are other essential expenses that you need to take care of such as water and electricity bill and other services including internet, etc. You can very well adjust the cost of living in Dubai according to your needs. This is why you should plan accordingly and work accordingly as well to ensure that you do not exceed your budget.
  • Culture of Dubai- The culture of Dubai is different from other cities and countries in the world. It is influenced by the locals as well as the expats. There is hence a huge variation in the culture, traditions and people.

How do I move to Dubai?

The process of moving to Dubai from India can take some time and will require planning in order to have a happy and stable life here. It is essential to know about business and residence related issues as well as opportunities. Budgeting should also be done to ensure that you have enough money for the move.  Proper planning can help an individual benefit from the opportunities, living standards, and economy.

Keep in mind to conduct research before moving and to get a plan ready. Be well informed of the laws and orders and be patient with the process related to your business setup and moving to the city. Keep the support network ready if possible to help in times of need.

Be mindful and seek help when necessary. We at RadiantBiz, one of our most trusted business consultants, can help make your move a happy and smooth one. We can take care of your visa and business needs and help you through every step of the process. Connect with us today to get started and make your changes successful.