22 August, 2023

Here’s how UAE offers businesses unparalleled opportunities for growth

uae businesses opportunities

If you are looking for a place to launch your business, UAE is the right location for it to thrive. This place provides you with all the resources and opportunities you need to get your business started. The people getting their business started here get the advantage of the best business environment, and angel investors and laws that favour business setup.

The UAE provides immense growth opportunities for businesses getting started here and lets you set up your dream venture with ease. This blog takes into account the in-depth information on the growth potential of businesses in the UAE.

Growth potential in the UAE

People setup their businesses in the UAE with the motive of getting started with a successful business or to take their well established business to a new height. The growth potential in the UAE is accelerated by many factors. These include –

  • The 100% ownership corporate laws in the Mainland– Earlier expats had to find a local partner if they want to start business setup in UAE free zones. This meant that an expat can own only 49% of their company’s shares while the local shareholder has 51%. This law has been abolished for most business categories.
  • 100% repatriation rule– An expat is allowed to repatriate 100% of their funds and benefits to their native company and there are no currency restrictions on the same.
  • Business friendly laws– The corporate laws in the UAE are extremely business and entrepreneurship friendly, allowing you to set up here and grow manifold.
  • Ease of business setup– The main reason why people prefer the UAE is the ease of business setup here. While it may be a hassle to set up a business normally, the UAE ensures that everyone gets all the services in the most convenient way.
  • Diverse Market– The UAE market is a diverse one. It offers a lot of opportunities for everyone looking to set up a business. There are various business activities that have been undertaken by people here and the wide audience helps the business strive.
  • Strategic Location- For trade, UAE connects different continents, making global  import and export more flexible. The connectivity adds to the reason why people who want a wider audience, prefer the UAE.

The businesses in UAE are booming and helping the economy get stronger and better. People and businesses from all over the world prefer the UAE due to a number of features that are boosted by the development and infrastructure . The government has been striving hard to get you exactly what you need to make your business dreams come true.

The UAE offers all the benefits you need to get ready to launch your business here. The country has witnessed over thousands of business setups in the past fiscal year itself, making it one of the top choices for those who are getting started or want their business to expand. The global investment and financial hub is exactly the place you need to get going with your business and to fulfil your dreams.

What is the cost of setting up a business in the UAE?

The cost of starting a business in the UAE depends on various factors like the activity you choose, your jurisdictions and other factors such as the type of licence, the legal structure etc. This is why telling the exact cost of a business setup licence is difficult without a proper understanding of your business and operations. You should therefore consult a company setup expert before getting started. You can also get your cost estimate by entering your details in the RadiantBiz cost calculator. This way, you can get the cost of your business setup according to your unique needs. Get going today by entering your details in the RadiantBiz cost calculator.

How can RadiantBiz help?

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