22 August, 2023

Common Myths about Dubai: Debunked

myths about dubai

Dubai is a city of exotic wonder and exponential development. It is known for its high rises, luxury spaces and delicious food. In the last few decades, it has turned into a melting pot of different cultures that invites people from across the world to live, work and assimilate in the city’s growing culture. But just like any place in the world, Dubai too has its own set of myths and legends that need to be evaluated before one can make the decision to move there. Here are a few of such myths that we have debunked for you so that you can get a clearer picture of what Dubai really is.

Myth #1

  • Alcohol is banned

Dubai has a reputation as a dry city, but this is not the case. As a tourist, you are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in licenced establishments such as pubs, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. And you won’t be short of options, since Dubai boasts an incredible food scene. Just keep in mind that drinking in public, such as on the beach, is not permitted in Dubai. It’s also unlawful to look inebriated in public, so if you’re going out, stick to the confines of your hotel.

Myth #2

  • Strict Dress Code

Because Dubai is a islamic city ,there is a misconception amongst the people that the dress code there is according to the islamic rituals and is strict for everyone, even foreigners. Even though this myth is rooted in half truths, as you have to follow the dress code in places of business and worship, it is not applicable to everyone everywhere. You’ll find bikini clad women on the beaches, casually dressed men in restaurants and clubs and dresses of all cultures in mingling places such as malls and saloons. You are expected to follow a modest dress code in sacred places, where women are expected to cover their knees, legs and shoulders, but this is not the case in most of the city’s delightful spaces.

Myth #3

  • The City is really Expensive

Dubai is well-known for its growing economy, and it is frequently seen as a playground for the super-rich. While this is true for certain locals, you do not need to be a billionaire to come. There are hotels in Dubai for every budget, and once there, there are lots of eating options and happy hours. Sunday brunch, for example, is a tremendously popular activity in Dubai, where you pay a fixed sum for limitless food and drink. In addition, many of the city’s attractions are free. You can watch the Dubai Fountains dance, wander through the souks, go to the beach, and visit the Bur Dubai Grand Mosque all for free.

Myth #4

  • Dubai doesn’t have a Culture

The UAE was founded in 1971, therefore it is officially a ‘new’ country, yet Dubai has a long history. Bedouin tribes have lived in the desert since 2500 BC, and there are several day trips available to learn more about them. Meanwhile, in the city, visit the Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeology Museum or the Dubai Museum, which is situated inside Dubai’s oldest building, Al Fahidi Fort, which was erected in 1787. Alternatively, visit Hatta Heritage Village to witness 3,000-year-old structures and learn about traditional mountain living.

Myth #5

  • It’s always unbearably Hot

Summers in Dubai may be quite hot. Temperatures routinely exceed 40°C between June and September – after all, it is surrounded by desert – but the rest of the year is significantly less dramatic. When the temperature is in the upper twenties, the months of May, October, and November are great for sun worshippers. Consider travelling between December and April for reasonably warm weather, when temperatures typically range between 20°C and 25°C. For additional information, see our Dubai weather guide.

Myth #6

  • There are no options for Vegetarians

Nothing could be further from the truth. The local Emirati cuisine is predominantly meat-based, however there are plenty of vegetarian options. Even though their mouth watering kebabs and lamb chops are seductive, there are a plethora of vegetarian restaurants serving Indian traditional vegetarian fare. With veganism becoming more popular throughout the world, Dubai is gearing up to welcome the world’s largest vegan-friendly restaurant, Veganity.

Myth #7

  • There are only Luxury Cars on the road

As hard as it is to imagine because of all the instagram posts and tiktok reels that showcase all the Bugattis, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces on Dubai roads, it is far from the truth. Even the cops here drive luxury cars but there are normal people living normal lives here as well. And those people can’t afford the luxuries the millionaires can, so they drive normal budgeted cars and use the public transport that you’ll find everywhere, even more than the luxury items in Dubai.

As we have busted a few of these myths, you might have a better idea of what Dubai actually is. Yes, it is an oasis in the desert and is known for its extravagant living but it also has a lot of normal people living simple lives from all over the world. As the cultures blend and the city grows you are likely to see more laxed laws for people outside the islamic network, so rest free if you plan on visiting the city soon because no matter your budget or background, there is something for everyone in Dubai.