Benefits of Starting Your Business in the IFZA


100% Foreign Ownership:

IFZA allows for full ownership of your business, providing flexibility and control over your operations without the need for local sponsors.


Tax Benefits:

Enjoy the perk of zero corporate, personal, or income taxes, allowing you to maximize your profits and reinvest in your business growth.


Repatriation of Profits:

You can repatriate all your profits and capital without any restrictions, ensuring a smooth flow of funds across borders.


Prime Location

Dubai strategic location offers access to lucrative markets and business opportunities, enhancing your chances of success and growth.


Low Initial Investment:

With no requirement for substantial starting capital, IFZA provides a cost-effective option for entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in Dubai.


Efficient Setup Process:

Setting up your business with IFZA is quick, easy, and streamlined, thanks to efficient administrative processes and supportive regulatory environment.

About International Free Zone Authority

IFZA, the International Free Zone Authority is a well-known business hub in the UAE. It's the top choice for many investors because of its great location and cost-effectiveness.

IFZA is the most profitable free zone in the UAE, and its strategic location is just 20 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and Downtown Dubai, making it a convenient choice for businesses.

Managed by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, IFZA offers affordable packages for both experienced business owners and new entrepreneurs. You can choose between flexi-desks or office spaces when setting up your business in IFZA.

This free zone provides lots of opportunities for business growth in the UAE. They offer packages with lifetime visas for investors at one of the lowest costs in the country. IFZA has gained a reputation for being a cost-effective and innovative business hub, providing many chances for success.

Documents Needed for Setting Up an IFZA Company

The following documents are needed for setting up a business in the IFZA free zone:

  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Complete application form
  • Visa copy
  • Passport copy of business owners
  • Two passport-sized colored photographs with a white background

Steps for Company Formation in IFZA

The following steps are required to start a company in IFZA:

  1. Choose the right company structure for your business.
  2. Apply to register your company.
  3. Give the required documents to the authorities.
  4. Pay the license fee.
  5. After paying, IFZA will give you an e-agreement.
  6. Sign the e-agreement and share capital letters (if you have an FZCO or FZE).
  7. Get your e-license – and you're all set!

Advantages of IFZA Business Setup in Dubai

There are various advantages of the IFZA company formation such as:

  1. 100% foreign Ownership
  2. No fees for bringing in or sending out goods, but bringing things into the mainland is not allowed.
  3. You don't have to pay corporate, personal, or income taxes.
  4. You can take back all your profits and money.
  5. Great location for more chances.
  6. No need for a lot of starting money.
  7. You can do different types of businesses legally.
  8.  Setting up your business is quick and easy.
  9. Excellent facilities and places to rent.
  10. You can connect with people worldwide.

Getting a License for Your Business in IFZA Free Zone Dubai

The cost of getting a license in IFZA is reasonable, and they have affordable packages for starting a business. These packages vary, some with no visas and others with up to six visas. The Department of Economic Development (DED) oversees and approves all business activities in IFZA.

One big advantage is that IFZA allows you to have up to 7 different activities under a single license. Here are the types of licenses they offer:

  • Holding license
  • Consultancy license
  • Industrial license
  • Service license
  • General license
  • Trading license

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