Start Cloud Kitchen Business in Dubai

Written By Antima – 26th June’22

start cloud kitchen in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is ever-evolving. From its magnificent skyscrapers to the never-ending expansion of its business innovations, there is always something new to learn about this place. The idea of having a cloud kitchen in Dubai is beginning to catch the attention of many individuals.

This is especially true in countries with high standards of living and appreciative populations. And hence, building a cloud kitchen could be a successful business venture. Having a trustable and experienced business setup consultant in Dubai is very beneficial for you, this is because they can guide you with all the resources needed and get approvals in a short period.

What is a cloud kitchen?

The concept of cloud kitchens is fresh and developing in the food industry. They are little kitchens that are typically run by chefs who are aware of the cost of setting up a cloud kitchen in Dubai. Because a dedicated physical building is not necessary, this structure costs substantially less.

Cloud kitchens are becoming more and more well-liked among restaurants and food delivery companies due to their improved flexibility. Without committing to a full-fledged restaurant, you can test a new menu or cuisine using a cloud kitchen. The business is also ideal for delivery services due to quick scaling to suit the needs of the owners. This is the best time to get started with a cloud kitchen along with the assistance of a good business setup consultant in Dubai.

Why start a cloud kitchen in Dubai?

Below are the major benefits of starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai-

1. Less expenses

The main reason for setting up cloud kitchens is that they are cost-effective and come with a budgeted business plan. With a cloud kitchen in Dubai, you do not need to rent or own a physical site, hire and manage staff, or purchase and maintain inventory of equipment and supplies.

2. Does not occupy space

They are a great way to create a space where food is produced in small areas. They not only occupy a lot less space than a typical kitchen, but they also have many other benefits. This is perfect for businesses that want to enter the food industry without spending a lot of money on space or equipment.

3. Minimal workforce needed

Cloud kitchens in Dubai are also gaining popularity due because they don’t need you to hire a large team of employees. As a small business owner, you require a company that can generate revenue quickly and easily. A small business owner can easily launch the cloud kitchen because it requires little startup money and only a few employees.

4. Reach more clients

With a business like cloud kitchen, it becomes easier to reach more global clients in a shorter span of time. Also, talking of the conventional restaurants, who are confined by their actual location and the absence of a cloud kitchen license in Dubai, this gives you a big advantage.

What are the requirements for a cloud kitchen business?

To start a successful cloud kitchen in Dubai with a leading business setup consultant in Dubai, you need to have the following things in place-

  • A feasible location and a place to start

  • Permits and licenses

  • Workforce

  • Kitchen equipment

  • An effective marketing plan

What are the steps involved in starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai?

Starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai is quite profitable these days. You must, however, secure two permits from the Dubai Municipality, i.e. a trade license and a food license. The former will let you prepare and sell food, while the latter will let you run the cloud kitchen as a business.

Here’s a list of steps that you need to follow when looking to set up a cloud kitchen business-

1. Pick a name

You must decide on the company’s name and the activities that it will carry out.

2. Choose a location

To make the most of your kitchen business, you should choose a location that is convenient for your target audience, appropriate for the nature of your business, and close to public transportation.

3. Document submission

You must obtain all necessary government permissions at this stage, as specified by the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai. Licensing and company establishment take place simultaneously.

4. Acquire licenses

You can obtain a Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, trade license, share certificates, visas, tenancy agreements, and other legal documents once the required authorities have given their approval for the business.

4. Visa fulfillment

It’s time to launch your cloud kitchen business in Dubai. You may also submit a request for staff visas along with your visa application.

Start a cloud kitchen with assistance from RadiantBiz

Business setup in Dubai can be challenging at times, and some risks can be minimised by using reliable business setup consultants in Dubai who have a deeper understanding of the market.

Additionally, starting a business in the food industry can be quite profitable, especially if you operate in an area with heavy traffic where people always want good food. Start your cloud kitchen business with RadiantBiz, we are a team of experts who have good knowledge and expertise with the all types of business you want to set up in the Emirates.


How beneficial is this cloud kitchen business in Dubai?

Cloud kitchen in Dubai is gaining immense popularity among the people. For a business owner, reaching more international customers faster is made possible with a company like cloud kitchen. It guarantees a profitable company model in Dubai with a limited number of staff.

What are the costs involved in the setup of a cloud kitchen in Dubai?

Cost associated with setting up a cloud kitchen in Dubai will depend on a variety of factors. The size and location of your premises are two of the most crucial factors of your company. However, to get an instant estimate of the cost, you always use our cost calculator that will give you an idea of the pricing.

Do I need a business license to start a cloud kitchen in Dubai?

Yes, a cloud kitchen is just like any other business that needs a license in Dubai. You must, however, secure two license approvals from the Dubai Municipality, i.e. a trade license and a food license.

Who can help me to setup a cloud kitchen business in Dubai?

We at RadiantBiz (One of the best business setup consultant in Dubai) are a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience with all types of businesses you wish to establish in Dubai. Get professional assistance with starting a cloud kitchen from us.

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