20 February, 2024

What is Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE – 2024

trademark registration in dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE involves various formalities like obtaining a trade license, registering the company, handling paperwork, visa processes, corporate banking, and seeking approvals. However, trademark registration often gets overlooked by many business owners and setup companies in the UAE.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is anything like a word, phrase, symbol, design, or a mix of these things that shows your goods or services. It’s what helps customers know you in the market and tells you apart from your competition.

The word “trademark” covers both trademarks and service marks. A trademark is for goods, while a service mark is for services.

A trademark:

  • Shows where your goods or services come from.
  • Gives legal protection to your brand.
  • Helps you fight against fake products and scams.
  • A big mistake is thinking that having a trademark means you own a word or phrase and can stop others from using it. But you only have rights to how that word or phrase is used with your specific goods or services.

What is Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE?

Trademark Registration in Dubai service allows you to register a new trademark. Your application goes through examination to make sure the trademark isn’t the same or too similar to others already registered or requested at the Ministry of Economy. If your trademark involves certain products needing control or examination, the department checks if the minister approves it. This process ensures your trademark stands out and doesn’t cause confusion with others in the market. It’s a crucial step in protecting your brand identity and ensuring legal compliance in the business landscape.


Trademark Registration is vital for safeguarding business products’ identity, governed by UAE Federal Law No. 37 of 1992. It encompasses symbols, words, logos, and more, distinguishing goods or services for businesses. Registration ensures exclusive association with a specific owner, whether an individual or organization, fostering brand recognition and trust. This legal protection fosters goodwill and reputation, earned through consistent quality. By registering trademarks, businesses signal their commitment to maintaining standards, enhancing consumer confidence. It’s a strategic move, essential for navigating competitive markets, ensuring brand integrity, and upholding consumer trust, pivotal elements in long-term business success and growth in the UAE.

What is a trademark class system?

Trademark classification serves a dual purpose: it offers guidance for trademark registration and aids in identifying potential trademark infringements. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) refuses to register trademarks that closely resemble existing ones. This similarity extends to both the marks themselves and the goods or services they represent. For instance, “Dove” ice cream bars and “Dove” soap can coexist as registered trademarks because they relate to vastly different products, minimizing the likelihood of consumer confusion regarding their origins. This classification system ensures clarity and fairness in trademark registration, safeguarding the integrity of brands and fostering consumer trust.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

For a seamless UAE trademark registration process, business owners must gather specific documents in advance. Timely preparation is key to efficiency. The essential documents include:

  • UAE trademark registration application
  • Copy or sample of the desired trademark design
  • Payment for registration
  • Trade license of the applying company
  • ID or passport of the individual authorized to sign the application
  • Comprehensive list of goods and services for protection
  • Applicant’s contact details

Having these documents ready streamlines the process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient trademark registration experience, paving the way for legal protection and brand recognition in the UAE market.

Who can Submit a Trademark Application?

Registering a trademark is crucial for businesses or individuals aiming to distinguish their goods or services. This process extends beyond the UAE, requiring registration in countries where protection is sought.

However, not everyone in the UAE can register a trademark. According to Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks, eligible parties include:

  • Individuals working in economic, technological, technical, or service sectors.
  • Foreigners and entities operating in various sectors of the economy, technology, or services.

Understanding eligibility criteria is vital for ensuring proper trademark registration, safeguarding brand identity and market presence both locally and internationally.

Trademark Registration Cost in Dubai

Upon completing your application, payment of the requisite fees for trademark registration in the UAE is necessary. The cost for registering a trademark or brand in the UAE stands at AED 7499, exclusive of legal or translation expenses.

Candidates can conveniently settle the trademark registration fee through the Ministry of Economy’s website. Your trademark registration request in Dubai undergoes scrutiny by the Ministry of Economy. Precision is paramount during application completion, as any omissions or inaccuracies may lead to rejection.

Nevertheless, applicants can address any challenges or revisions as needed. The Ministry of Economy typically grants trademark registration approval within 30 days, provided all submissions meet requirements.

Benefits of Trademark Certificate

Registering a trademark in the UAE offers several benefits:

Brand Stability: A trademark fosters brand stability, bolstering your presence and credibility with consumers. It builds authenticity and transparency, enhancing brand value and operational efficiency while avoiding legal obstacles.

Valuable Asset: Your trademark becomes a valuable asset, its worth tied to your business’s reputation. It opens doors for expansion across industries and can be sold, licensed, or used as security for loans.

Trademark Protection: Registration shields you from deceptive practices, preventing confusion among consumers. It provides legal recourse against infringements, enabling you to recover damages and pursue legal action when necessary.


Trademark Validity in the Dubai, UAE

As per Article 19 of the Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 (UAE Trademark Law), trademark registration remains valid for ten years. However, trademark owners must promptly navigate the renewal process to ensure continuous protection.

FAQ : Trademark Registration in Dubai

Which company is best for trademark registration?

For trademark registration in Dubai, Radiantbiz is highly recommended. Known for their expertise and reliability, we offer comprehensive support and ensure a smooth registration process for businesses.

What is the strongest trademark?

The strongest trademark is one that is unique, distinctive, and not easily confused with others. It stands out in the market and provides strong legal protection for the associated goods or services.

How long does it take to register a trademark in Dubai?

Once the objection period closes, a final registration fee of AED 5000 is required. Within 30 days after the objection period, a mark registration certificate will be issued.


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