Free Zone vs Mainland Company Setup in UAE

Free Zone vs Mainland Company Setup in UAE

Dubai Free Zone vs Mainland Zone

1. Radiantbiz Intro

Radiantbiz is a management consulting services that assist clients interested in setting up their companies in the UAE. The solution to all your business and corporate needs can be fulfilled at Radiantbiz. Having 15 years of experience in commercial banking and Mainland Company Setup in UAE we use industry-specific knowledge and practice-led experience to meet our client’s expectation. Assisting companies with transaction banking and trade finance services, we have set up 1000+ companies to date and have affiliation with over 30 banks in the UAE to cater to your needs.

2. Free zone

Companies eligible for free zone license are allowed to practice in the same Dubai free zone or internationally. This set up comes with a lot of special jurisdiction that must be followed, such as the inability to carry our Freezone Company Formation in UAE in the local market. For expatriate partners, this can be a suitable option.

3. Mainland zone

Mainland zone companies are licensed by the DED to Dubai Mainland Business Setup and carry out business all over the UAE and in the local market without any restrictions.

4. Difference between Free zone and Mainland zone

To understand further, the differences between free zone and mainland zone here are some pointers:




Scope of business You can do business in the same free zone or outside the UAE. in case of doing business in the local market companies have to pay 5% duty on local market invoices. You are allowed to do business anywhere in the UAE, and internationally without restrictions. 
Ownership Companies under the free zone do not need any approval from government officials. Exceptions may occur where the beneficiary has to obtain approval from external authority. Presence of a UAE National is not mandatory for every license as a local partner or local service agent. 100% ownership lies with the expatriate.
Office space Company may register to incorporate an office space or not. Companies may avail for Flexi desks/smart offices as per their need. Minimum requirement of 200 sq ft. of office space needs to be fulfilled for leasing and issuing of the license.
Visa facility Companies generally receive 2 visas but may be given 3-6 as well. To obtain further than the provided the company must lease a physical space in the region to be approved for more. There are no limitations in visas for mainland companies. But eligibility depends on office space. Larger space, more the number of visas the company may get.
Government authority approvals Requires standard government approvals and some external government authorities approval in departments such as medicine, education, food-related, or estate regulation etc. Do not require any specific approvals from authorities but may have exceptions where they may be required external authorities approval.

5. Why Radiantbiz is the best choice if you are looking to set up your company under the free zone and mainland zone in the UAE.

  • Radiantbiz is the right place for your Mainland Company Setup in UAE related needs. To provide a clear run-up on  the services we provide:
  • We assist clients with company administration, Opening a Bank Account and other relevant services.
  • We are a one-stop Dubai Free Zone Business Guide for business companies looking to set-up in the UAE as we provide resources that explore better business solutions (PRO services, Accounting, VAT, Auditing needs, etc.) and update and inform our clients with various business policies.
  • We help our clients choose the right bank to make their transactions efficient
  • We also focus on website designing and digital marketing as we chose the right tool for your growing business.
  • We provide our client with profitable and financially feasible options to set up companies (such as driving down the cost of the company set up). Apart from that our consultancy provides transparent and intermediary-free pricing.

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