22 August, 2023


trn verification dubai

Tax Registration number (TRN) serves as the top identity of businesses everywhere in the world. It is as a result extremely vital to have a legal TRN for the identification of your enterprise within the UAE. Thus, it is essential to follow all legal requirements as the UAE ensures that no fraud is taking place. In case of any fraudulent practices, it is ensured that stringent measures are taken against the person by the authorities.

Scams like TRN scam can cause your business’s image to be tarnished and make you suffer from monetary and identity harm. It is vital to consequently have knowledge about the TRN verification procedure both as a consumer and as a seller.

TRN is a number that is assigned to all agencies within the UAE.  It is unique to every business and is issued by the Federal Tax Authority(FTA). It is a mandate for a business to pay taxes and to work with the authorities.  It is not legal to acquire VAT from your customers without a valid TRN.

Are TRN and Emirates ID the same?

Many people tend to assume that TRN and an Emirates identification are the identical things while they’re poles apart. TRN is used as an identification of your commercial enterprise in the UAE. The Emirates ID, however, is your personal identification.

Emirates ID is issued by the Federal Agency for Identity, Citizenship Customs and Port Security (ICP) and the citizens are urged to carry it at all times with them. The TRN is issued through the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and is vital in your enterprise’s legal operations within the UAE.

Why is a TRN required in UAE?

TRN is a must if you are dealing with the government and the regulatory authorities in the UAE. It is also an identification of your business. There are a few purposes for which you are needed to present your TRN-

  • Prepare a tax receipt
  • tax credit
  • Filing of tax returns and VAT
  • Invoicing to clients where VAT is applicable

Why to get UAE TRN Verification?

The UAE allows businesses to take  5% VAT from the customers. However, many companies add 5% VAT without a valid registration number and thus the tax collected does not reach the government. Such frauds are essentially harmful to the enterprise. To avoid this, a simple TRN verification system has been put in place to ensure that customers can easily know whether they are paying taxes to the right business or to a fraud.

It is essential to note that without a TRN, you cannot legally charge VAT from the buyer. Incase VAT is collected by any means other than the legal one, it can lead to termination of business licence, fines and various other troubles for the owner as well as the business.

What is the TRN verification process in UAE?

With the ever changing world and immense technological advancements, everyone who is proficient with the use of a device that has internet access can access the TRN verification system. FTA registers the valid businesses with a TRN on their systems. It is therefore possible to look up the TRN of the business and ensure that they are not committing a fraud.

TRN Verification: How to recognize a fraudulent TRN in UAE?

The TRN is a unique number that follows a specific format. This allows the buyer to identify whether the number is authentic or not. It can be checked to ensure that the number is a correct one. How to recognise the correct TRN?-

  • First three digits are 100
  • The first three digits are accompanied by 3 units of 4 digit numbers
  • The format is therefore- 100-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Any of the following can be signs and identifiers of a fraudulent TRN:

  • They don’t have exactly 15 digits
  • The first 3 digits are not 100
  • Have a different form

Once you have primarily checked its authenticity visually, the TRN can now be checked for authenticity online.

How to use the Federal Tax Office (FTA) TRN verification page?

It is important to know how to access the TRN verification page. It is an easy process that proceeds as follows:

1. Visit the FTA website online to verify the TRN

Visit the FTA website online through the URL or by simply searching through google.

2. Enter the TRN

The next step is to enter the concerned TRN and enter the captcha displayed on the screen correctly. After this, press the ‘Verify’ button.

3. TRN verification results

Once you click the verify button, the database is checked for the number entered. If it has been registered, “TRN is available in the system” shows on the system along with the company name in English and Arabic. In case it isn’t present in the records, “TRN does not exist in the system” is displayed.

This ensures that the business you are buying from is legally registered for tax collection purposes.

How to file TRN fraud in UAE?

Filing a TRN fraud after recognising it is essential. Collecting VAT without a TRN is a fraud. It is essential to report such cases. This is important to stop injustices towards the customers.If you find a fraudulent TRN, report it to the FTA. This can be done by calling or emailing them.

How to enrol for your business’s TRN in Dubai?

If your business does not have a TRN, here are the steps you can take to get registered. This can be done through the FTA eServices website by following simple steps.

Open your FTA account

Open your FTA account through the eservices website. The list of the required documents will be provided to you when you are registering. You must also provide the essential information about your business such as the type of business, where the business is located in the United Arab Emirates and information about the business owner. When applying for a tax identification number, you should submit scanned copies of the Partnership Agreement (for partner companies), Passport or Emirates ID and Other records relating to the ownership of the company

It may also be necessary for you to submit the company bank account number and information of a manager in case you are not the one who runs the business.

Are you ready to start your TRN verification in Dubai?

The UAE has been working tirelessly towards the growth of the country from an oil-based economy to a business-friendly economy which is regarded as the business and investment hub. To support this, TRN verification system has been introduced for customers to gain clarity.

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