22 August, 2023

A Guide to Obtaining a Residence Visa in Dubai

residence visa in dubai

As we already know that Dubai has now emerged as the top destination for foreigners to set up their businesses due to laxed tax laws and an expat friendly environment. But just setting up the business is not enough as most entrepreneurs also move to Dubai with their families as they establish and grow their businesses. This is where the need for a Residence Visa comes into picture as it allows most businessmen to truly call Dubai their home.

But when you pair this need to settle down with a simplified legal process, low costs and strategic locations for suppliers, goods and services, it becomes an irresistible need to attain a Residence Visa in Dubai.

Through this guide, we will explain the Residence Visa, its requirements, its application process and its benefits so that you know exactly what you’re banking upon. So let’s get started.

What is a Dubai Residence Visa?

A residence visa in Dubai is a document that enables visitors from all over the world to dwell there for a set amount of time. How long is a UAE resident visa, though, would be a follow-up question to this. Additionally, the validity ranges from 2 to 10 years and can be renewed as necessary many times.

There are two more options to obtain a UAE residence visa for people who enter the country under a work contract. Additionally, you must either launch a business in the UAE or make a real estate investment.

How to get a Dubai Residence Visa?

There are three primary ways through which you can get your Residence Visa in Dubai and they are:

  • Employment: You may be given two or three years of UAE residence if you land a job with a firm in Dubai. The legal system in which the corporation does business will determine this. The business will also be in charge of applying for, sponsoring, and renewing your resident visa.
  • Owning Property: You must adhere to the resident visa conditions to secure your stay. As a result, you can buy real estate. At least AED 1 million, or around USD 272,000, should be spent on your property. The visa is granted in this instance for three years. However, Dubai and the UAE do not let property investors to work there.
  • Company Registration: Indian entrepreneurs are given five- or ten-year visas (Golden Visas) by the UAE government in appreciation for their support to the UAE economy. Entrepreneurs must, however, satisfy the government’s investment requirements in order to qualify for the Golden Visa.

The investment visa is a different category. Indian business owners can apply for three-year investor visas by setting up a company in Dubai. Additionally, they are able to sponsor members of their family for three years of residency in the UAE.

Furthermore, because it doesn’t demand a big investment, this is one of the most preferred solutions. The visa’s three-year validity is also one of its key benefits. Consequently, you have the choice to concentrate on your company activities while residing in Dubai.

What is the Process of Obtaining a Dubai Residence Visa?

To register for a Dubai Residence Visa, here are the requirements and the process that you need to follow to obtain it in 2023:

Dubai Residence Visa Requirements

Recognise the prerequisites for a visa and prepare the necessary paperwork:

  • Complete the UAE resident visa application form
  • Provide a copy of your passport in its original form
  • Two photos the size of a passport that satisfy the UAE visa photo criteria
  •  A copy of your original entrance visa
  • Evidence of the legal residency of your sponsor in the UAE
  •  A copy of your medical fitness test pass certificate
  • If necessary, a copy of your health insurance policy
  •  Copies of the business’s establishment card and trading license
  • You need evidence of family relations in order to apply for a family visa. These also include birth or marriage documents that have been authenticated by the UAE embassy in the nation of the applicant.
The Application Process

Follow the following step by step process to attain your Residence Visa in Dubai.

  • Obtain a visa for entrance: Your sponsor must first get an admission permit online from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Additionally, it is accessible on the website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Additionally, you can accomplish this in person at one of the authorised GDRFA typing facilities.
  • Obtain a residency permit: Your sponsor must submit an application for your immigrant visa at the GDRFA in the UAE. Always work with RadiantBiz to manage your Dubai residency permit, and we’ll assist you in applying for the same.
  • Obtain a residency visa for the UAE: You will be required to pay a fee for a UAE residency visa at the time of application. The cost also varies according to how long your residence visa is valid. Additionally, the length of resident visas for investors and workers is different. The visa is also only valid for two years for employees and three years for investors.
  • Emirates ID and visa stamping: When your application is accepted, the GDRFA will stamp your passport with a resident visa. Additionally, this will serve as your UAE resident permit, enabling unrestricted movement inside the nation. You will also get your Emirates ID, which is good for the same amount of time as the visa.

Documents Required for Dubai Residence Visa

  • A duplicate of the sponsor’s passport’s bio pages
  • Visa copy for the sponsor
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor, together with evidence of the registration of the tenancy
  • A digital copy of the employment agreement
  • Photos the size of a passport
  • A digitally authenticated copy of the marriage licence and, if appropriate, the children’s birth certificates
  • Copies of the spouse’s and kids’ passports together with the most current coloured, passport-size photos
  • Sons under the age of 21 and daughters as long as they aren’t married can be sponsored.
  • According to UAE immigration regulations, you must make a minimum of AED 4,000 every month. Additionally, you need a place to host your family.

Benefits of Having a Dubai Residence Visa

There are several benefits that Dubai offers to the holders of the Residence Visa and they are as follows:

  • Setting up a company in the nation easily
  • Open personal bank accounts in addition to your corporate bank accountand salary accounts.
  • Dependents of a sponsor
  • A strategic position puts the home nation in close proximity.
  • Outstanding global connectivity
  • Purchase and make an investment in a rural property.
  • Multiple entries when the visa is valid into the UAE
  • Live and prosper in the second-safest nation in the world.

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